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10 Winter 2022/2023 Fashion Trends You Can Wear Over 40

Many of you feel like you have already been in the thick of winter but the season has been going for roughly a month now. You’ve got a good two months of winter left. The first month is all about dressing for the holidays, but now that those are past, how do you dress stylishly for the every day grind of winter?

Even more daunting is the question of how to incorporate trends into your wardrbobe as you age. Here are 10 Winter 2022/2023 fashion trends you can wear over 40.

Winter fashion trends aren’t generally as exciting as fall or spring trends. Winter trends tend to be an extension of fall trends and summer is an extension of spring to some extent.

10 Winter 2022/2023 Fashion Trends To Wear Over 40

1- Leather

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Yes, you can wear leather or faux leather over 40 and over 50 and beyond. Leather is huge this year and there are many pieces and cuts you can incoroparte into your wardrobe. Faux leather leggings are a step up from basic leggings. Faux leather pants aren’t all skin tight. There are many cuts in looser legs in pull on style pants that are easy to wear.

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Many retailers that cater to older women (not young girls) like Chico’s and Talbots are featuring faux leather skirts and leggings.

A leather blazer is a classy way to incorporate this trend over 40, as is a faux leather skirt. Or give leather bermuda shorts paired with tall boots a try.

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Brown is the new black. And it’s friendlier and easier to wear for the over 40 woman.  From caramel browns to rich chocolate browns, brown is super popular right now. Hit two trends in one by wearing a faux leather piece in brown. Or wear your favorite classic pieces like cardigans in brown.

Check out this article for inspiration on colors to wear with brown.


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Those dark pine and emerald greens were not just for the Christmas season. Green continues to be a trendy color for winter 2022/2023. All shades of green are trendy from bright greens to subdued olive greens. Green is predicted to be trendy right on through spring.

4-Puffer Vests

Puffer vests are still going strong. The newest versions are either cropped or extra long. They are also a bit oversized and some feature a dropped shoulder.

You can still wear your standard puffer vest and be on trend. Puffer jackets and coats are also popular. I tend to shy away from extra thick puffer vests and coats because I don’t like the added visual weight. But they are still an option for the over 40 woman.

5-Oversized sweaters

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Oversized everything seems to be in for winter 2022/2023 fashion trends. Let the younger girls wear the extreme oversized items and give a nod to this trend with a relaxed fit sweater. Don’t size up to achieve it. Find an “oversized” or relaxed fit in your size and you’ll easily pull of this look over 40.

6-Oversized outerwear

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Large oversized jackets and coats are in. They allow for a little more room over other winter layers so this trend isn’t a bad thing. But again, don’t size up for the look. That just results in a sloppy fit. Find an oversized version in your true size.

7-Chunky oversized rectangle scarves

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Scarves aren’t totally out. This season’s trendy scarf is an oversized rectangular scarf in a solid color or bold plaid. Loosely drape it around your neck and let a long end hang down.

Wear these with your coat and keep it on with your top inside.

8-Faux fur

faux fur trendPin
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Another coat trend this season is the faux fur coat. It’s kinder to animals and less expensive. There are some fun options to cozy up in. If you don’t want to go all out in faux fur, try a coat with a faux fur collar or trim.

Faux fur can be enjoyed by young and old. There is no reason why you can’t indulge in this winter 2022/2023 fashion trend over 40.

9 Short mini Ugg boots

Ugg boots have always had some level of popularity in the winter. They are winter boots after all. This season the trendy boot is the short mini Ugg instead of the taller version. These minis are easier to wear with straight leg jeans and pants.

If Uggs are too pricy, there are more affordable options. Search for flat winter boots or shearling boots to find similar styles at more affordable prices.

Check out these 7 chic ways to wear these boots with regular clothes. These looks are perfect for those of you that don’t wear shoes inside but want an indoor shoe or slipper that looks good with outfits.

10-90s influence

90s trends for over 40Pin

Trends from the 90s have been making a comeback over the past couple of years. They are still going strong this season.

You can wear these trends again if you are over 40. Just don’t pull out the same things you wore 20-30 years ago from your closet. Invest in the modern versions.

Slip dresses, scrunchies, plaid shirts, bright colors, loose fitting straight legs jeans, athleisure, cropped cardigans and fanny packs- there are a number of ways to embrace trends with a nod to the 90s. Claw clips, bike shorts, high waisted jeans, bucket hats… do I need to keep going?

The key to wearing 90s inspired styles again is to NOT wear them ALL at the same time. Pick one or two per outfit for a modern look (unless you are headed to a rave, lol.)

The Winter Trend I’m Not Wearing

I don’t have a need for Ugg boots but that’s not to say I won’t ever embrace them. And I’m careful with puffer coats and vests but haven’t totally said no to them.

The one trend I absolutely don’t see me picking up is leg warmers. I didn’t wear them in the 80s and 90s and I don’t see it now. But it’s a trend coming on the horizon along with the aesthetic “ballerina core” or “Balletcore”. Give me all the ballet flats and wrap tops or cardigans, but leave the leg warmers behind.

If you must:

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