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Why and how to shop second hand online

I recently purchased this scarf from Poshmark. I needed something with some red to bookend outfits when I wear these red shoes. After exhausting my search at thrift stores and other online and in store retailers, I turned to Poshmark. Turning to second hand shops is something I should do more often.

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Scarf- Poshmark  option option option 

sweater- Banana Republic  option ( I  have last year’s version and LOVE this piece!)

cardigan- Belk (old)  option  option  option

pants- Gap (old)  option  option

shoes- Nordstrom Rack  option  option

earrings- Kendra Scott

Why shop Poshmark? or other online second hand stores? or thrift stores? It’s just responsible!

Yesterday was Earth Day, and over the weekend the hubby and I watched The True Cost on Netflix. I’ve seen this mentioned a lot in several blogs I read, especially capsule wardrobe blogs, and have intended to watch it for a long time.  The documentary explains the cost of our low cost fast fashion garments from the likes of H&M, Forever21 and such from the outsourcing to third world countries where the people sewing these garments make $3 per day, to the effects of the pollution on the environment and the effects of chemicals used in cotton farming. And then after we’ve killed the earth to get the textiles and then killed people to make the garments, we toss those cheap items for something new each season and they end up in a landfill where they aren’t biodegradable.

I’m not condemning anyone for shopping or buying new things, but I think we can all be a little more responsible with our purchases. Shopping second hand means we can find things we love at a lower cost and put it to use again before it hits that landfill.

Shopping second hand when you can’t return the items can be daunting, but here are some tips to make it a little easier.

1. Go to your own closet first. Note the brands you love and wear, the size and then measure those items. Measure the bust from arm pit to arm pit, the length of the top, sleeve length if it’s long sleeve, measure waists, hips, inseams, and skirt lengths. When you find an item you love at an online site like Poshmark or Thred Up (I’ve shopped both), check out the measurements. Thred Up gives measurements in their listing and many Poshmark sellers do. If not, send them a message by commenting on their listing and ask them for measurements. (If they don’t respond, move on. There are way too many sellers to play guessing games.) Knowing your measurements and sizes for particular brands will help insure the item fits when you receive it.

2. Take note of the fabric content of the items you currently love and wear. Different fabrics will fit differently. Check the listing for fabric content when you find an item you are interested in.

3. Use the filters on the site to find what you love. At either site you can search by size, brand, color, item (tops, dresses, skirts, jeans, etc.) and price. When you find something you like, click the little heart to save it. You don’t want to waste time hunting it down again when you decide to purchase. Poshmark also has a feature that allows you to make the seller an offer. Do it. Don’t lowball but make a reasonable offer. You will be surprised at how often they will take your offer.

I saw this hot pink blazer from Banana Republic on another blogger and had to have it. It was no longer available from Banana Republic but I found it on Thred Up for a steal! I’ve been wearing it for about three years now. It replaced another pink blazer I bought at a thrift store, wore many, many times and then sold on Poshmark. How is that for responsible? and keeping something out of the landfill?

It can take some time, but it’s also fairly simple to shop second hand once you get the hang of it.

Get started shopping second hand on Poshmark and earn $5 credit by signing up through the app on your mobile device by entering my user name- savvysouthchic- as the referral code when you sign up. Once you make a purchase, I also get $5 credit.  Sign up for Thred Up here and get $10. I’ll receive $10 once you make a purchase.

Have a great week!

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