Where To Go and What to Wear on a Fall Getaway

Does your vacation and travel time end with summer? For those who have children in school and school obligations, summer is the more practical time to travel, but if you are empty nesters or have a fall break, fall can be a great time to travel. Keep reading for ideas on where to go for a fall getaway and what to pack.

Fall travel is perfect for many of the same reasons that makes the fall season popular for weddings; the temperatures are cooler and the scenery is magnificent.

Where should you go on a fall getaway?

My husband and I were married in October so we celebrate our anniversary every year with a fall getaway. For the first ten years, we worked our way up and down the east coast visiting lighthouses and the surrounding attractions.

We were married at a lighthouse, so it’s a fitting thing to do for us. Lighthouses typically have museums and lots of history to learn about.

Climbing to the top and seeing the views from the top is always fun too.  We traveled as far north as Virginia Beach, Virginia, which is still in the south. If you are considering a fall weekend getaway on the east coast, a lighthouse is a great attraction to visit.

While I still have lighthouses on my list to visit, our next favorite thing to do for a fall getaway is to head to the North Georgia Mountains. We are working our way through the area and its many nature parks and attractions with each visit.

If you are from Georgia, or considering visiting you may be wondering “where should I go in Georgia in the fall?”

State parks abound and the foliage in North Georgia is amazing if you time it just right. Recommended timing is mid-October to November, but I find that visiting in mid-October can be a bit premature unless you go far north. The last week in October or the first week in November seems to be a better time to start catching the changing leaves.

If leaf watching or hiking isn’t your thing, here are some other popular attractions and fall vacation ideas in North Georgia.

Expedition Bigfoot Museum, Cherry Log, Georgia

Whether or not you believe in Big Foot, this is a fun little place to visit, especially if you have a day that the weather doesn’t cooperate. It makes a great indoor activity.

Swan Drive-In, Blue Ridge, Georgia

This is a pet friendly activity. We usually take our dog to the mountains and she was able to stay in the vehicle while we enjoyed a movie.

Ellijay, Georgia

There are lots of slow, easy relaxing activities in and around Ellijay and Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Ellijay is known for apple picking. There are several orchards in the area that allow you to pick your own apples, shop their markets, pet farm animals, and more. B.J. Reece Orchards is a u-pick orchard that is pet friendly. You can take your pet to the orchard, but not into the store.

apple picking in Ellijay, Georgia on a fall getaway

Pumpkin Patches

There are several pumpkin patches in the area, and many offer hay rides, markets, petting farms and more.


If you are in the area, don’t miss the chance to see one of the many North Georgia waterfalls. They make a hike worth all the effort. At Amicalola Falls State Park, you can drive up to a viewing area and walk some less strenuous paths to see the falls without taking a full on hike.

The North Georgia Mountains offer the best fall vacations. You can always snuggle in at a cozy cabin, roast marshmallows/make s’mores, leisurely sip your coffee or read a book. It’s up to you.

Ready to take that mountain fall getaway?

The question that comes up next is “What to wear on a fall getaway?”

 Before you start over zealously packing sweaters, boots, scarves and all the fall things, consider that the temperatures are still as high as the 80s in the mid day to afternoon in the North Georgia mountains. Along the south east coast it’s the same.

50 to 75 degrees is your average temperature for the month of October and it will drop to the 60s in November for highs. 75 degrees is still pretty warm and too warm for sweaters and flannels.

Consider also the activities you may be participating in. While bloggers and influencers use these places for pretty, staged fall outfit shots, you are not seeing the whole picture.

What you are not seeing is that while you may be able to pop in and out in a cute outfit for a photo shoot, that apple orchard isn’t on level terrain. Even though it may be grassy, it could still be dry and dusty.

The same goes for the pumpkin patch. You may be walking through a dusty field. If you are going there for the activities they offer, you probably don’t want to dress for glamour shots.

Note: I was perfectly comfortable during the morning in the cardigan and shirt, but by the afternoon, the cardigan had to go! It got hot in that apple orchard.

You will want to pack easy, casual and comfortable pieces. Plan to wear layers.

A cute fall outfit that accommodates the fluctuating temperatures includes your favorite jeans and a cardigan.

Add a fall hat to protect you from the sun if you are going to the apple orchard or pumpkin patch. Traveling with a hat can sometimes be inconvenient because you want to take it off or it doesn’t pack well, so invest in a hat clip to attach it to your bag or luggage when you don’t want to wear it.

Footwear should be comfortable and easy to walk in for your fall getaway.

Whether you are apple picking or wandering the streets shopping the quaint local shops and antique malls, you will need comfortable shoes.

Low heel ankle boots are ideal for the apple orchards and pumpkin patches to keep your feet clean and dry. Just keep the heels low so you can navigate the uneven terrain. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort given today’s wide selection of flats and boots that offer both.

Leggings are a great choice for hiking or lounging. If you are going hiking, also consider layers. You might get hot along the way, or you might find yourself at an elevation with a temperature drop and need to add a layer back to ward off the chill.

Leggings, a t shirt and a layer like a chambray or plaid shirt make a cute outfit for a hike. Don’t forget to bring a rain jacket or jacket that functions as both a stylish layer and rain protection. You never know when you might need it in the mountains.

woman in leggings outfit hiking with dog in Fort Mountain

My general fall getaway packing list includes:

Tee shirts, tanks or camis

Lightweight cardigans

A sweater and or sweatshirt for cooler nights

A jacket- denim, moto, utility and or rainjacket

Long sleeve button up chambray or plaid shirt to layer

Denim shorts- yes, there might be a day or two when you want shorts



Lounge wear

Sneakers and/or comfortable flats

Low heel ankle boots

A hat


A few accessories like earrings and belts

What’s your ideal fall getaway? Share it with me in the comments.

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