What’s My Style? Edgy Style

This article on edgy style is the next installment in the series on unique personal style where we are exploring fourteen different style personalities. The purpose of this series is to help you define your unique personal style and provide focus for creating outfits that you feel amazing in.

Knowing your style can provide focus when shopping and putting together outfits. Getting dressed is a breeze once you know what message you want to convey with your clothing choices.

What is edgy style?

If you would define your style as rock star, cutting edge, and striking, you probably love a full on edgy wardrobe. However, you might describe your style as confident, bold and unexpected and have an edgy style personality.

You might also define your style or style message as unconventional, polished and sharp. All of that would fit into an edgy style persona. The thing to remember is that what is “edgy” to one person is something different to the next.

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.”

Gianni Versace

Someone with an edgy fashion style certainly isn’t into trendy items. They know what they want and how they want to look and they don’t waver much from it. They certainly don’t stray from their signature look to chase trends.

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While there are certain elements that will show up in most all edgy styles, there are degrees of edgy style. Some may prefer hard, punk looks and others may just want to add a few edgy touches here and there. You may have classic style but like to add edgy details as a secondary style. Your style can be a little edgy or a lot.

Edgy style is also about more than the obvious elements. It’s about creating a little juxtaposition with outfits. Think opposites and the unexpected. Create unconventional looks.

A girly dress with worn with combat boots sends edgy vibes because the boots are unexpected. A business style blazer and button up worn over leggings or leather leggings will create an edgy look.

The Elements of Edgy Style


Angles and sharp lines are often found on the clothing used to create edgy outfits. Asymetric cuts work to an advantage for this style personality.

Colors for Edgy Style

Black, black and more black. Neutrals like white, grey and camel will also be part of an edgy wardrobe. You don’t have to drown yourself in head to toe black to look edgy, but colors in this style will be darker, moody or richer tones. Think deep, dark reds or emerald or hunter green for touches of color.


You may not find a lot of patterns in edgy style but two prominent ones will be stripes and plaids. Python or snakeskin and touches of leopard may show up in edgy style.

edgy outfit with plaid dress

Design Elements

Clothing worn for full on edgy style will have hardware like zippers, buckles, studs, grommets, chains and spikes for details. The more hardware, the harder and rougher the look will be and an excess of hardware bleeds over into punk, rocker or gothic style.

hard edgy style


Leather and distressed denim will be at the front of an edgy fashion style. Velvet and knits can also be worked into an edgy style, especially if you favor a softer edgy style. Texture will be used as well. Chunky knits, other distressed fabrics or items, quilting or metallics may play a part in an edgy wardrobe.

What clothing should you wear to dress edgy?

Black tank– A tank makes a great layering piece under button up shirts and blazers.

Graphic tee or band tee- A graphic tee, most likely a band tee, shows up over and over in edgy outfits. Wear one under a suit, or knot it at the waist with a pleated skirt or slip skirt and add ankle boots with a little hardware for an edgy vibe.

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Black jeans Pick your favorite cut of denim and make sure it’s black for those days when you want to dress in head to toe black.

Jeans An essential item for any style.

Distressed denim Whether you choose a little distressing or a lot, or a chewed or raw edge hem, distressed denim will give an outfit an edgy vibe. Don’t forget to include a denim jacket in your wardrobe.

Leather or faux leather jacket Another essential like denim that has a place in any style personality. A moto style leather jacket will give it more edge.

This leather trench style coat paired with the assymetrical wrap skirt gives this classic outfit a bit of edgy style.

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Leather leggings/ and or black knit leggings With your favorite sweatshirt, leggings are athleisure, but with a blazer, button up shirt and boots, you’ve got an edgy outfit.

Moto jacket- If you don’t want to wear leather, you can still have an edge with a moto jacket in suede or faux suede. And none of them have to be black. You can still add some edgy vibes to any outfit in a softer way with a lighter colored moto jacket.

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Footwear for edgy outfits

Your choice of footwear can go a long way in making a normal, classic outfit like chinos and a blazer have an edgy look. Combat boots, Doc Martens or Chelsea boots are popular choices for edgy footwear.

edgy boots

Lug soles went mainstream last fall, but any lug sole loafer or boot will find a place in an edgy wardrobe whether they are the trendy item of the moment or not. Platform shoes and sandals, strappy shoes, and shoes with hardware or studs are all great choices.

Vans or Converse sneakers can play a part in an edgy look too. Any shoe that’s a little outside of the norm will give an outfit an edge. The bonus with edgy shoes is that most of them are comfortable shoes.

Jewelry and accessories

Ear jackets- Ear jackets with pointed or spiked edges will give a look an edgy vibe, especially for those of us that aren’t into multiple piercings. An ear cuff or two will also give off an edgy vibe.

earring jackts and cuffs for edgy style

Ear Jackets/ cuffs

Several piercings Multiple ear, brow or nose piercings will certainly give your look an edge. Keep in mind it might not be appropriate to wear them at certain jobs.

Ring stacks – Stack them up and if they have angular designs to them, the edgier they will be.

Belt A belt always gives some polish to an outfit, but the right belt will add some edge. Go a little bolder and belt a corset over a top or dress.

edgy belt

Necklaces and pendants Modern jewelry with angular shapes and sharp designs can add some edge to your basic wardrobe pieces.

Signature hat Whether you choose a beanie, a beret, a fedora or a panama hat, no list of edgy clothing and accessories that I reviewed  left out a hat. A hat is certainly a great way to create a signature look.

edgy style with a hat

Sunglasses Sunglasses always give you a cool edge no matter what your style.

Other Ways to Have Edgy Style

Hair and makeup

Last, but not least, an edgy haircut will give your style a guaranteed edgy look. Go for a blunt bob or a short pixie.  Bonus- short edgy haircuts can be extremely flattering to women over 40.

Develop a signature look that creates some edge with your makeup. Master a smoky eye or choose a bold lip color. The key to an edgy look is that it has an overall edgy vibe, whether a little or a lot of edgy vibe, and that it be cohesive from head to toe. Hair and makeup play a part in edgy style.

Edgy outfits

Angular blazer + leather crop pants

Even if you swap the leather crop pants for plain black, this classy outfit still has edgy vibes due to the angular cuts of the jacket. Pair any blazer or jacket with your dressy or casual clothes for an edgy vibe. The bold necklace also adds edge to this look.

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Moto Jacket + Distressed Jeans + Camo tee + Chelsea boots

To created this edgy look, choose distressed jeans, a knot moto jacket and chelsea boots or other chunky boots. An ear cuff accessorizes this look with a little more edge.

edgy outfit with distressed jeans

Moto jacket + black tee + snakeskin pants

This outfits pulls in several elements of edgy style- moto jacket, black tee, and pything print pants along with the unexpected white mules, which also have a bit of edge to them with the pointy toe and angles on the top.

edgy style with python print  pants

Graphic tee + raw hem denim shorts + sandals

Create an edgy summer outfit with black raw hem denim shorts and a graphic tee. Sharp angular jewelry and Doc Martin sandals complete this look.

edgy summer outfit

Where to Shop for Edgy Clothing

You can find pieces with edgy style at a variety of retailers. It’s a matter of knowing what your are looking for. Even retailers that appear to cater to classic style will have pieces here and there that you can mix into an edgy wardrobe, especially since it’s all about being unconvential. It’s as much about how you mix the pieces as the clothing items themselves.

Retailers/ brands to shop:

Asos- With items offered in 30 sizes, fit won’t stop you from finding edgy pieces. You can find a mix of conservation and edgy pieces here.

Nasty Gal– With a variety of fun and edgy pieces for parties and for the beach, you’ll find budget friendly pieces to work into an edgy wardrobe.

All Saints- Known for its tailored fits and muted/dark tones, perfect for those who want a darker take on traditional clothing. Free shipping and free returns, and an amazing collection of leather.

H&M– Lots of edgy gems mixed in here with traditional cuts.

Do you like edgy style? A little or a lot? Drop me a comment and let me know if this is your style personality.