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12 Outfits To Wear with Velvet Pants This Holiday and Winter Season

When the holidays roll around, we want to get a little fancy with our outfits. A pair of velvet pants for the holidays will allow you to do just that and still keep things casual at the same time. There are lots of ways to style velvet pants. They are also a great piece to have in your winter wardrobe beyond the holidays for warm winter wear.

Today I’m sharing what to wear with velvet pants in twelve velvet pants outfits. Any of these outfits would work with colored velvet pants that coordinate with your tops.

Burgundy velvet pants and blue velvet pants are both popular during the holiday and winter season.

What is velvet?

It’s a classic fabric for the colder months.  It’s luxurious fabric that is characterized by a dense pile of evenly cut fibers that have a smooth nap that make it soft to the touch. Once made of pure silk, it’s now made by incorporating some synthetic fiber to make it more affordable.

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What to Wear With Velvet Pants For the Holidays

Velvet pants with a lace top (dressy casual)

 Dressy casual– a step above jeans and tee shirts but still casual and comfortable, easy to move and relax in, not formal. These are the kinds of outfits I like best. I could travel in this and still be comfortable, yet be dressed up enough for my family get togethers. 

These pieces could be worn anytime, but the colors and textures scream “holiday” to me. Lace, velvet and pops of burgundy red make it this a festive outfit.

Velvet Pants with a Cream Sweater

If you need to be a little more cozy for the holiday than a lace top will allow, pair your velvet pants with a cozy white or cream sweater and a plaid scarf. Add some black booties.

A plaid scarf will add a holiday flair to most any outfit. For a current update on the blanket scarf, wear a large rectangle scarf casually draped over one shoulder.

Sticking with the same sweater, pants and shoes, just change the accessories.

A velvet newsboy cap if a fun way to accessorize this outfit. I tend to reach for this necklace a lot during the holidays too. The little bit of bling and the beaded tassel are so festive.

Accessories in luxe materials or with festive elements like tassels are another easy way to add holiday flair to outfits. Velvet pants just need a few accessories to become instant holiday outfits.

Shop the looks:

With a sparkly or shiny top

Pair velvet pants with an iridescent top or a sequin top for a dressy holiday look. Add your favorite pumps to complete the look.

Leopard pumps are a great choice or you might opt for a metallic shoe.

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With a fair isle sweater

Make your favorite fair isle sweater a holiday party outfit by pairing it with velvet pants and some dressy festive shoes. Add a sparkly earring and you are good to go.

Tone it back down to a casual look by swapping to a simple gold or silver earring and plain shoes or boots. There is no reason not to keep wearing velvet pants as part of your everyday looks.

These pull on straight leg velvet pants are perfect for attending functions in style and comfort. The stretch waistband allows for ease of movement (and over indulging in treats if it happens!)

This boot cut pair is another great option, as would be a wide leg pair.

what to wear with velvet pants fair isle sweaterPin

With a camisole and cardigan

If you haven’t given up skinny jeans, make them on trend by going for a pair of velvet jeans in a skinny-leg pair. Create a unique look for date night by replacing your black jeans with a pair of soft velvet jeans. Pair them up with a camisole and cardigan. Finish the look with a pair of heels. Add a red lip for a little more glam.

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With a peplum top and metallic shoes

Reach for beautiful jewel tones during the winter season. A peplum top is a little elevated over a simple top but not too fussy. Get through the holiday season by investing in pieces with details that are party appropriate in that setting but also work for everyday with other casual pieces.

Accessories like a sparkly clutch and the metallic shoes make this festive but the look can be dialed back for everyday with different shoes and accessories.

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What to Wear with Velvet Pants for Casual Looks

Velvet pants can certainly be part of a casual outfit.One of the easiest ways to wear velvet pants is to replace black pants or jeans in your go to outfits with velvet.

With a chambray shirt

A chambray shirt is a great way to make your velvet pants and jeans casual. It creates a blank canvas on which you can multiple outfits based on your personal style.

Add a poncho, cape or large scarf worn as a cape. Pick a color like this bright blue for a trendy look.

velvet skinny jeans and chambray shirtPin

Top your chambray shirt and velvet pants with one your favorite animal prints- leopard. A leopard cardigan makes a great outfit combination with chambray and black.

velvet skinny jeans with leopard cardiganPin

Wear velvet on velvet

You can pair velvet with more velvet pieces. This outfit pairs velvet pants with a velvet camisole. It’s a comfortable outfit with a cozy cardigan. You could take the look up with a cute suede jacket or leather jacket.

You can also wear your pants or velvet skirt with velvet jackets or a velvet blazer. A suit of velvet pants and matching blazer makes a chic look for the office.

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With a simple sweater

Velvet pants make a statement on their own, so you don’t have to go all out with the top half of your outfit if that’s not your style.

A simple sweater, heeled booties and a couple of accessories can create a sleek look.

Or opt for a white shirt or white blouse and black heels for a classic look.

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With a colorful blouse and cardigan

Most of these looks have been fairly neutral but there is nothing wrong with adding a pop of color for a fun look during the colder months.

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Opt for velvet leggings, velvet trousers or jeans for a luxurious touch to any outfit. There are lots of outfit ideas for these warm winter pants.