What I Wore This Week: Fashion Over 40

It’s been a busy week. I actually went somewhere every day and photographed every outfit. This is a bit long so there is no weekend sales info this week but many of the stores linked in the shopping widgets are having awesome sales. If you are a newsletter subscriber, you got a few highlights on the sales. If you are not a subscriber, you can be. Subscribe here for weekly newsletters or daily emails as each post hits the blog.

fall work outfits for women over 40

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The post title says fashion over 40, but seriously, what is an age? I just happen to be over 40 and this is what I wear.


We went to look for new vehicles. The hubby’s truck has been going to the shop quite frequently over the past two years, so we have decided it needs to go somewhere else other than our household. At some point in the next year or two, we will likely replace my vehicle as well since it is 12 years old at this point.

light wash jeans fall outfit

I am having a moment with light wash jeans. I’ve been eyeing them for a while but never made a commitment to finding any that I really liked. I certainly don’t need them given that I get to wear jeans about twice per week max. I love how light denim pairs with darker colors and fall colors. I recently purchased this top from Old Navy and immediately pictured it with light wash jeans. I added a cardigan even though it was very warm because I knew it would probably be cold inside everywhere we went. Earrings are from Jane.com.

This is a mix of old and new pieces.

Sunday- Church

Since we were having a warm spell again, I decided to get in another wearing of this jumpsuit that I got during the summer. I added a denim jacket because it can be really cold in our church. I decided to keep up the fall impression with leopard flats. Most any jumpsuit can transition from summer to fall easily.

jumpsuit with denim jacket

Monday– work

I basically wore the outfit I featured in October’s 9 to 5 style post but I wore heels instead of flats.

fall work wear for women over 40

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I was so tired Monday evening and I really just wanted to wear pajamas but decided I should wear real clothes to bible study. I went with this tee from Jane.com that had just arrived a few days before, jeans and leopard sneakers. I did not need the cardigan but wanted to see what the outfit looked like with it. Earrings are also from Jane.

casual graphic tee outfit

Tuesday– Gingham blazer and black pants. This is a classic color combo. The gingham adds a little interest but the outfit is still polished.

work wear for women over 40

Wednesday The grey suit with a fall colored top. It’s pretty obvious now that I’ve been doing these What I Wore this Week posts that certain work wear gets worn on repeat.            

Thursday- Work– repeating the black blazer again and a black and white theme but I did pull in some neutral color with olive pants.

olive ankle pants for work


wool blazer for work

I woke up to temps of 49 degrees and a predicted high of 66 degrees. This sends me on a mad dash to find the real fall and cold weather clothes (yes, 49 is cold for us) and creates all kinds of anxiety about what to wear. LOL Do I wear a sweater? A scarf? Boots? All of it in one outfit? It might be 80 again the next day and I might only have five chances all season to wear all the warm clothes, so this creates MAJOR wardrobe issues. I decided to pull out my wool JCrew Factory blazer because I love these blazers! I have this grey one and a camel color one.

Friday evening

fall outfit for women over 40

We are taking wedding photos for a family in our neighborhood today and we went to check out the venue yesterday evening. It was perfect weather for a lightweight sweater and scarf.