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What I Read in October

Another month full of awesome thrillers! I’ve almost forgotten about my goal to read some non-fiction each month, but managed to slip in Reese Witherspoon’s Whiskey in a Teacup. I also started a couple of other non-fiction books that were not finished until this month, so they will be in the next roundup.

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Then She Was Gone-by Lisa Jewell. Wow, just wow. Parts of this were predictable but you couldn’t quite figure is all out, so you were hooked. It’s well written with characters that draw you in as well. Laurel’s daughter Ellie goes missing. Her body is later discovered but there is never any resolution for the family as to how she disappeared- runaway or kidnapping. The reader learns the secret before Laurel but there are still surprises for the reader. An excellent thriller/mystery that also explores family dynamics and how this family fell apart through this tragedy. I read and listened via Scribd. 5 stars

WolfHunter River by Rachel Caine Another of the StillHouse Lake series featuring Gwen Proctor. Warning- these books have foul language. In this story, Gwen is not outright the target of threats but becomes a target when she decides to help out a stranger who called her for help. This one was not as good as the other books, but if you are familiar with the characters, it’s still a good read and entertaining. I listened and read via Kindle Unlimited. 3 stars

Gone Girl by Jillian Flynn- I picked this up in hardcover from the thrift store. I had not read any Jillian Flynn books before this one. It has great reviews so I decided to give it a try. I took it along on our vacation because we had a six hour drive each way. Wow! This one is over 400 pages and I finished in one week. It would normally take me a month to straight out read a book this length without the help of an audio version. So, it’s that good! None of the characters are the type you will fall in love with, but you get sucked into wanting to know why and how Amy disappeared and once you know, you just have to know how it ends. It’s a great mystery/thriller with lots of twists. 5 stars

Trophy Life by Lea Geller– Agnes Parson goes from trophy wife to nobody, teaching middle school and raising her infant without the help of her nanny and cook overnight. In losing the life she always wanted, she found the life she really wanted. I read and listened via Kindle Unlimited. An easy chic lit read. 3 stars

The Secrets of Lost Stones by Melissa Payne– I don’t remember how this ended up in my Kindle Unlimited list, but it did and proved to be worth the read. Entertaining and touching, with a little bit of mystery. Lucy is an eccentric old lady who takes in Jess, a grieving mother who lost her child, job, everything, and Star, a runaway. All of these characters are intertwined but don’t know it and the author does a great job of weaving them together. 4 stars

Hour of Need by Melinda Leigh I’ve loved the Morgan Dane series by Melinda Leigh, so I decided to try the Scarlett Falls series. It’s much like the Morgan Dane Series with feel good romance, noble characters and lots of drama and thrills. Major Grant Barrett comes home from Afghanistan to bury his murdered brother and sister-in-law and take care of their children. He also sets out to solve the mystery of who killed them. His brother’s neighbor, who becomes his romantic interest, was also employed by his brother’s firm and gets tangled up in the threats and mystery, so he takes a role in rescuing her as well. Read and listened via Kindle Unlimited 4 stars

Whiskey in a Tea Cup by Reese Witherspoon– I read and listened to this one via Scribd. It was entertaining to me as a southerner and Reese Witherspoon is very charming. I must not be a true southerner because I don’t like monograms and she spends a whole section on monograms, lol. I’ll admit it is a southern thing, but I’ve always remembered my name, initials and what’s mine without the need to embroider everything, lol. It contains recipes and photos so it would make a great gift for people who collect those types of books. 3 stars

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