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What I Read In June 2022

Happy Friday! It’s been a whirlwind of a week with all the sales and shopping going on. It’s time to step away from the screen and the cart and relax with a good book.

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Today I’m sharing the books I read in June. Sometimes I get ready to do these reviews and I remember vividly what I read and sometimes I draw a blank. Time moves too fast and too much is going on in life and in the world. Thankfully I have Goodreads to track to my reading.

They also make what I read journals which are a great way to track your books and make notes. I tried that for a year but wasn’t diligent about keeping it up.

I read four books in June. I use “read” loosely because I listen to some as audio books.

My favorite of the four is All the Little Lights by Jamie McGuire. I had not read anything by this author before. It seems to be a sweet little first teenage love story with family issues thrown in for each of the two main characters and yet it is so much more. I was giddy over the twist. It was well crafted. I listened to the audio verson on Scribd. 5 stars


Liar, Liar by Lisa Jackson


I haven’t been disappointed by any of Lisa Jackson’s books yet, although I will say some of the characters are a bit sleazy. There is always one good character to root for. Remmi Storm was fifteen when she last saw her mother. Remmi secretly witnessed her mom handing over one of her newborn twins to a strange man. Then her mom disappeared, as did Remmi’s other half-sibling.

Years later her mom resurfaces as a suicide victim. Or is it her? Remmi sets out once again to find answers. There are lots of little plots and seedy characters but it all times together nicely. Caution: Crime and violence. I listened to the audio verson on Scribd. 4 stars

Midnight Obsession by Melinda Leigh Melinda Leigh is another author that does not disappoint. This is the fourth book of a series, and the second featuring Louisa and Connor.

“When a mysterious package lands on Louisa Hancock’s doorstep, the Philadelphia museum curator can hardly anticipate the nightmare that’s about to envelop her. The package is addressed to her father―an expert in Viking culture―and inside is a ninth-century sword, a chilling thank-you note, and photos of two dead bodies in a tableau evoking a Nordic funeral. The gruesome images match a recent crime scene. But before the police can investigate the killer’s connection to Louisa’s father, Ward Hancock vanishes.”

I enjoyed the book but gave it 3 stars. I think it got a little drawn out for me but it’s still a good book.


Notes on An Execution by Danya Kukafka


A well written story that draws you in, slowly telling the backstory of Ansel Packer, who is scheduled for execution.

Through the women in his life—a mother, a sister, a homicide detective—we learn the story of Ansel’s life. and the crimes he committed. You don’t know immediately what he’s done but it all comes out as each character tells the story. I listened to the audio version on Scribd. 4 stars

The book link up I previously linked up to ended. If you know a good link up or round up for books, let me know. I love to see what others are reading.