What I Read in January 2022

January seemed like a slow month for me as far as reading goes, but it ended up being more productive than I thought thanks to audio books.

I listened to some undeniably twisty thrillers and finished a book on fashion and clothes that I probably started in 2020. I can’t remember.

Just a reminder of the rating system- 5 stars= an awesome book, 4= really good, 3 is still enjoyable but I didn’t love it, 1 or 2 would probably end up as a DNF- did not finish.

books I read in January 2022

Check out what I read a year ago.

Rock Paper Scissors Alice Feeney – This one was a little weird, dark and slow for me to begin with and the characters were not really likable or sympathetic initially. Somehow I still got sucked in to finishing the story.  A married couple win a weekend away in Scotland. It’s a weekend that could make or break their marriage. Except, they didn’t actually win the giveaway at random and it seems someone is out to get them after they arrive. And then there is a huge twist in the story… It’s too hard to explain without spoiling it. I listened to this one on Scribd. 4 stars

Finding Claire Fletcher (Claire Fletcher #1) by Lisa Regan  Detective Conner Parks is recently divorced and is now facing job loss due to an on the job incident. He ends up in a bar at the end of the day. He meets an intriguing woman who, unknown to him, has been missing for ten years. She disappears again at the end of the night but Parks won’t let it go. Anyone who Claire has ever gotten involved with ends up missing or dead as well, so Parks is now in danger. The story bounces between the  new search for Claire and the story of her abduction, her captivity and torture.  You will find yourself cheering for both Conner and Claire. Warning: This story is graphic and violent.  I listened on Scribd. 4 stars

No One Will Miss Her by Kat Rosefield

Lizzie Oulette, the town nobody, is dead and Adrienne Richards, an Instagram influencer with a rich disgraced husband, has been renting her lake house in Copper Falls. Lizzie’s husband, is missing. Detective Byrd shows up to piece together what happened. Lizzie narrates from the grave and gives you her back story on growing up poor and never being liked in Copper Falls. Adrienne has secrets too. There is a major twist to the story and to the answer of who murdered Lizzie. Listened on Scribd 4 stars, but parts are only a 3

The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own- Joshua Becker

Becker shares how he came to the discovery of his materialism and consumerism and how his family scaled back on the things they own to discover true contentment. He also has a Christian view on the topic. If you are wanting to dip into minimalism, or at least declutter the things you don’t use and that don’t serve a purpose, this book can be helpful and motivating. I certainly don’t think I’m going to become the person who has 2 pairs of pants, 3 shirts and one pair of shoes in the closet (reviews of fashion books follow! Haha), but it was still a helpful read. It has been on my Kindle for months and I’m glad I finally read it. I started a major decluttering project in our house this year and the timing for reading this was perfect. 5 stars

Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life: Because You are Worth It by  George Brescia

This is the book I started a year or year and half ago. I was struggling with it for some reason, but when I picked it up again it was a breeze to read. Brescia writes as if he is your best friend talking to you and giving you fashion advice. If you need some motivation to get dressed in something other than pandemic outfits, this is a fun read. How we dress does affect our mood and perception of ourselves. Knowing the right pieces and colors to wear can make a drastic difference in how we see ourselves. But read it with an open mind. There is not set wardrobe for any woman. Read on Scribd 4 stars

The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own by Nina Garcia

A quick read on suggestions to have in your closet. Easy to skim through. If the suggested items don’t fit your lifestyle, then don’t buy them. I didn’t agree with all of it and it’s a little dated. (published in 2010) 3 stars

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