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What I Primed in January 2023

It’s one of my favorite days again. It’s time to link up with Tanya and the Prime Purchases link up. I love to see what everyone bought on Amazon.

There isn’t much I won’t buy on Amazon. I bought ketchup last month. Yep, one order, one bottle of ketchup. My husband asked me if I really did that in disbelief, and I informed him I did, AND I put kethchup on our subscribe and save.

I had just been to the grocery store and I wasn’t going back just for ketchup but I didn’t want to do without either. I hate grocery shopping and grocery pick up from both Walmart and Sam’s has been going south for quite some time. It got to the point I was spending more time correcting the orders and making return trips than I would have spent just to go in the store and do my own shopping. And so the Amazon subscribe and save list grows.

My goal in January was to only purchase with gift cards or Christmas money if I bought anything frivolous. And I did just that.

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So what did I get from Amazon last month?

HOPO Apple Watch Band


I received an Apple watch for Christmas and one of the first things I wanted to do was get a different band. I like for my watch bands to look nice with my dress clothes for work. This band goes with everything and looks nice. I will definitely order it again if I decide to switch up the color.

Artificial Peony Silk Flowers with Small Ceramic Vase


This was much smaller that I envisioned. Yes, there are measurements in the description. Sometimes they just don’t compute in my brain when shopping online. This was too small for the spot I wanted but it’s perfect on the shelf over the desk in the guest room, so I kept it. It’s adorable.

Lighted Front Door Welcome Sign


Every year my door feels bare after Christmas because I don’t have a good non-seasonal wreath. I decided to remedy that with this cute welcome sign. It’s not too big and some reviewers said it wasn’t big enough for an outside front door, but I’m fine with it. The lights are on a timer so I can set it and forget it.

Vinkor Flameless Candles Flickering Candles Birch Bark Set of 4


I ordered a set of these and the hubby liked them so much we ordered two more sets! The flame really does flicker like a real candle. We filled the mantel with them and have loved the soft glow we get every evening. They come with a remote and a timer. These are one of those things you don’t realize you need until you get it.

Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 22 Supportive Running Shoe


I’ve been running in this model since being fitted for them by a professional running store in 2001 or 2003. I slightly overpronate and this is a great shoe to correct that. Sometimes I catch a deal on a previous year’s shoe and sometimes not. This time there wasn’t a deal and these were the same price at Academy Sports and everywhere else, but I had Amazon gift cards so Amazon it was.

MEROKEETY Women’s Crop Puffer Vest 


The verdict is still out on this. I decided to try a cropped vest since they are trending this year but I haven’t had time to really style this one yet. I need to try it with some outfits and take some pics to decide if it’s a keeper or not. There is nothing wrong with the quality of the vest. I’m just funny about puffer vests because I don’t want to look “puffy”.

Aside from some ink for the printer and our usual snacks and beauty items that I have on subscribe and save, that’s a wrap for my Amazon purchases in January 2023.

I also have a Kindle Unlimited subscription. I love it when a book comes with the audio version. It’s so easy to switch from reading to listening. I just finished the latest in a series by one of my favorites- Melinda Leigh’s Lie to Her (Bree Taggert series #6). It didn’t disappoint.

I’m not doing book reviews this year. It would have been pointless for January. I only finished one book that I started in December and then I read Lie to Her last week. I’ll mention the books I do read and love here and there when it’s appropriate.