Weekly Friday Faves

Hey! Hey! It’s Friday! It’s the time of the week I share some of my favorite things, finds, or just what’s happening behind the scenes.

Here are some of my newly discovered favorites:

To Eat:

I discovered this easy turkey and potatoes dish a couple of days ago. You can substitute beef or ground chicken. It makes a hearty meat and potatoes meal. Just add a veggie. It was quick, simple, didn’t require many dishes (I hate washing dishes) and the hubby liked it, so we will definitely have it again.

I’ve been following a two-week smoothie recharge with the Faster Way to Fat Loss. If you complete a round and continue on as a VIP, there are always fun things to mix up the nutrition and workouts.

chocolate smoothie

This two week challenge was about meeting protein needs with smoothies and getting in some other nutrients we tend to ignore, especially in winter. I now have a whole new list of smoothie recipes. My favorite is the chocolate cherry smoothie, and a second favorite is the Frozen Mocha smoothie (it has coffee!). Here’s the way I make the chocolate cherry smoothie (slightly modified from the FWTFL recipe.)

8 oz almond milk or coconut milk

1/2 cup frozen cherries

1/2 cup baby spinach

1 scoop chocolate protein powder

Place all in a blender and blend. Add some ice to the blender if you want a more frosty smoothie.

Another round starts February 28, 2022. Sign up and get weekly meal plans, workouts, and all the knowledge you need to do carb cycling, macro counting, and intermittent fasting for weight loss and maintenance.

To Wear:

camo joggers outfit

I wore this outfit two days in a row last weekend. It’s that good. All of these pieces are from Amazon and they are all favorites, whether worn together or separately. This top is super comfy and a great change from a basic tee, the joggers (similar) are a level up from knit sweats, and the slip on sneakers are super comfy.

To Watch:

We finished up the last season of Sweet Magnolias last weekend. We tend to binge every series we like and then we have nothing to watch for what seems like an eternity. This last season (season 2) ends on a cliff hanger and  is filled with lots of drama. The show kind of rolled along sweetly and slowly, but they poured on the drama in this season. The Netflix series does not follow the book story lines all that closely but both are equally good.

Funny note about the outfits- My husband hates the way the character Maddie front tucks her shirts. He is always commenting, “There she goes again, went to the bathroom and got the front of her shirt caught in her pants.” LOL I’ve pointed out that I wear a front tuck all the time and he says I look different. I don’t know what the difference is but I think it’s hilarious.

A good blog post to read:

There is all kind of buzz about what jeans are in for 2022 and for spring, but regardless of the cut you pick, you need to know how to find jeans that fit. Check out my post on what you need to know when you shop for jeans.

Wins for the week

I backed up my laptop last weekend. It’s seven years old and has way too much on it, plus a back up was way past due. On Monday I fixed a network issue with our external hard drive. We have a wireless external hard drive that we backed up photos to but had lost the ability to access it. It was a network settings issue and after a little Googling, I fixed it on the first try. I felt like I had accomplished a month’s worth of work with that one simple task. Things like that usually take hours or days for me to figure out, so I was excited that it only took a few minutes.

Have a great weekend!

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