Mega List of Ways to Wear Red and Pink to the Office for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming and you may have visions of red and pink dancing in your head from now until then. The thought may have you wanting to don all the red and pink you can. But how do you appropriately wear red and pink to the office without looking like Cupid himself? Here are 37 outfit ideas for the office for Valentine’s day.

30 plus ways to wear red and pink to the office for Valentine's Day

Wear red with black and white. It’s the most classic way. Start with a red top. Red is a color for power, energy, passion and action. Put on some red and take charge of your work day.

red grey and black office outfit
moto jacket blazer with red top and black pants
grey and red office outfit

Red also works with grey, as seen above and below.

grey and red

Go bolder with red bottoms.

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red white and black office outfit
red pants with black blazer
red pants and bow sweater top
snow leopard to with red skirt

Add a completer piece like a cardigan or blazer in red.

Striped top with red cardigan
Red blazer
Red blazer with snow leopard top
Black top with black and white pants and red cardigan
Red blazer
Red cardigan black pants
Red cardigan

Red and navy works, too. Heathered navy will give your outfit more of a February/winter vibe than a summer nautical vibe.

Pink? Yes, hot pink is even better. And just like red, pink works well with black, grey and navy for the office. It also exudes energy and it’s a little more playful. Put on some pink and have fun with your work day.

Pink cropped blazer with floral skirt
Hot pink, grey and black combo for the office
Hot pink and brown combo for the office
womens office outfit
Wear to work, hot pink cardigan and grey pencil skirt
Hot pink cardigan with grey ankle pants
Hot pink cardigan and navy pants
Office outfit with hot pink, white button up and black and white grid print pants
Hot pink and navy office outfit
Hot pink cardigan with print blouse and black slacks
Hot pink cardigan with striped skirt, spring outfit
Hot pink blazer

Don’t discredit blush. It’s a more subtle way to wear pink to the office.

Polka dot top
Blush with burgundy and black office outfit
Blush blazer and black ankle pants office outfit
Blush top with heathered navy ankle pants
Blush cardigan with lace top and grey ankle pants
Burgundy slacks with blush top

Burgundy counts too! Wear burgundy bottoms or tops

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Burgundy cardigan with burgundy print blouse and black slacks

And just why do these two colors appear to be so popular for Valentine’s Day? Check out a little trivia and history here  to find out how red and pink became symbolic for the holiday.

Do you like to dress in symbolic colors for a holiday or season? Are you looking to wear red or pink, or both, in the upcoming weeks? Let me know in the comments if you have a special item of clothing just for Valentine’s Day.

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