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The Forgotten, Ignored and Unworn: Week 5 and Wrap Up

If you are just tuning in to my self imposed challenge, you can learn all about it here. It’s week 5 for me of the month long challenge to wear all the things that have not been worn this summer (or year.) I actually started this the last week of July and shared it the first of August, so it makes five weeks for me.

couple of folks joined me along the way in this challenge so be sure to check them out. Chezmireillefashiontravelmom joined in with my hashtag on instagram and had a similar challenge of her own going. Jill from Doused In Pink is also joining me today to share what she wore from her Forgotten, Ignored and Unworn items during the month.

Here are my outfits from the past week:


monochromatic outfitPin

Blazer- thrifted; top- Ann Taylor; pants- Loft; shoes- Payless; necklace- DIY; earrings- Amazon

The Ignored: the top, shoes, necklace. Going into this last week, this got a little difficult for me. I have worn all of my work pants (seasonally appropriate) except for one pair and some of the tops left I didn’t feel motivated to wear. I put together an outfit last Friday morning that wasn’t really all that much unworn or ignored items but while I showered I rethought it and went back to this top that hasn’t been worn in quite a while. I decided I’d pull together a monochromatic look of sorts and wear this top and these shoes. I ended up loving this outfit. Ignore the twisted necklace in the photo. I didn’t catch that it needed straightening.

Friday pm

python print dressPin

Dress- H&M; shoes- Kenneth Cole Reaction; earrings- Rocksbox; bracelets- Alex and Ani

The Unworn: The dress and shoes! Last Friday night the hubby and I went to run some errands and out to dinner. I finally wore this snakeskin dress. Yes, I know it’s been blogged a couple of times, but it was one of my “new with tags” items that had yet to be worn out of the house. Womp womp. I really do wear what I blog and I don’t just buy and return for the sake of a post, but it takes me a while to have opportunity to wear some things. These sandals have been haunting me this summer because they had not been worn once and I do like them. They are also a snakeskin pattern.


summer outfitPin

Tank- Loft; shorts- Old Navy; shoes- DSW; cuff- Kendra Scott; earrings- Target

The Ignored/Unworn: the top and shorts. We went to my parents’ home for a cookout/ homemade ice cream for my brother’s birthday last Saturday. I wore this casual outfit. These are also two favorite pieces that I had not worn this summer. I’ll also note that before blogging, I probably would have never worn this together. These shorts would have only been worn with a white top or a green top but I like pink and green together, so why not?


unworn challenge/ casual outfitPin

Top- JCPenney; jeans- Old Navy; earrings- old; bracelets- Gorjana; DIY; wedges- Aerosoles

The unworn: This top was another “new with tags” item not yet worn. I purchased it during the spring and envisioned so many ways to wear it, both to work and with casual wear, yet I didn’t wear it. While I was wearing ignored items, I pulled out earrings and bracelets that haven’t been worn in a long time. I used to love these earrings and even went to the trouble of fixing them when one of them came apart, yet I don’t wear them now. I got compliments on them but I don’t really like earrings that move the way these do now. I still like big statement earrings, but I like for them to stay more stationary.



Blazer- Banana Republic via Thred Up; blouse- Belk; pants- Loft; shoes- TJMaxx; earrings- Kendra Scott

The ignored: The blouse– I wore it a lot the first year I bought it, but I don’t think I’ve worn it this spring or summer. I made it almost to the end of my challenge without wearing these black pants that were being worn once per week until I started this. I’d say they needed a break.

Tuesday- field attire (never blogged, trust me you don’t want to see.)



Blazer- Thrifted; top- Old Navy (old); pants- JCPenney; shoes- Payless; necklace- Kendra Scott; earrings- Kendra Scott

The ignored: The top. I had originally planned to wear this top with a red skirt. The skirt would have been another ignored piece, but I had training this day that I suspected would require me to get on the floor so pants were more practical. (I was right- we were putting tourniquets on training dummies on the floor.) So the red pants were repeated, along with the navy blazer.

Shop the post: Most items above are old and no longer available. Similar items are represented below.

So what is my take away from my challenge?

1-It’s really good to list what you wear and what places/occasions you wear it. This gives you a better idea of what needs to be in your closet. I need work clothes way more than I need casual clothes, but I knew that going into this. I just like clothes and wish I had more opportunities to wear my casual stuff. We really should stop being such homebodies, haha.

2- It’s good to wear some older things once in a while to test fit and to identify if you are gaining/losing weight or changing shape. I have several pencil skirts I can’t fit into. I should probably donate or sell them because skirts aren’t even practical for most of my work days or even for some Sundays because of the service we do at church. Pants are just better. Am I going to get rid of the skirts? Not sure. I need to get rid of the 5- 10 pounds that keeps me from wearing them, because I really like some of them and would wear them a few times a year. Oh the emotional struggle we have with clothes. If they don’t fit, they should go. We dress the bodies we have now.

3- I did a good purge of everything in January of this year so I’m not sure that I’m really getting rid of much at this point. I still like almost everything I have been wearing. I took a good look at why I was not wearing some things and it really is a matter of not following my own advice. Prepping outfits the night before- picking them out and ironing/steaming things makes the mornings go smoother. I had stopped doing this so I was frequently reaching for things that didn’t require ironing or much thought. It’s easy to get into a rut when you don’t plan ahead. I also tend to ignore things that take up extra time- like blouses that need fashion tape or safety pins to work, or jewelry that takes too long to fasten the clasp. I am SO not a morning person and these little things bug me and waste my time.

4- I will be getting rid of the silver pumps and the Franco Sarto peep toe shoes I wore during the challenge. Wearing them didn’t reignite any old flames for them, so out they go. I will probably purge a couple more tops that no longer appeal to me that are still on the unworn side of the closet. I have some casual dresses that need to go too because they don’t appeal to me enough to wear them during the very limited times I have to wear casual clothing.

5- So what about fall? I probably don’t need to buy one single thing for fall because I can’t think of anything I need to replace. Will that stop me from shopping? Probably not, but I will be considering things more carefully. I’ll probably keep up with turning the hangers the opposite way once I’ve worn something so I can be more focused on what gets wear and what doesn’t. I may even create mini capsules for a month at the time with work clothes and then rotate them out so things get worn.

What are you thoughts and suggestions?