Trend to Try: White Ankle Boots

White ankle boots have been becoming increasingly popular over the past few years. They certainly aren’t for the faint of heart or for those who might have frequent romps (by choice or not) through the sludge and mud, but they are certainly a trend to try for a boost of mood and creativity.

White boots are youthful, light, and fresh. White ankle boots are available in a variety of styles from western booties, chelsea boots to hikers and white lug sole boots.

What to Wear with White Ankle Boots

You might find yourself stumped with the question of what to wear with these attention getting boots.

Get past the fact that they are white, or off white/ivory, and think of them as neutral. You can wear them with anything you would wear neutral color boots with. Light wash jeans, neutral outfits, and florals with pops of white look especially striking with white ankle boots. The following outfits illustrate just how good these boots look.

I’m styling a pair of bone colored block heel boots from Target. This pair is almost out of stock but hopefully will restock soon.

The bone is a great off-white that is slightly easier to style than pure white may be. The light colored block heel lends the boots to casual outfits, but the pointed toes make dressing them up easy.

White Ankle Boots Outfits

with Light Wash Jeans

Keep the bottom half of your outfit light with light blue light wash jeans.

I went with my favorite distressed pair of light wash jeans but paired them with this statement making puff sleeve top from Target. The dark green top creates a nice contrast but the bottom half still flows with the lighter colors.

light wash jeans with white ankle boots
puff sleeve plaid top with whtie ankle boots

Top- Target; jeans- Gap; similar boots- Target– earrings- old option option

With Light Grey Jeans

Keep things light and airy with a pair of light grey jeans and a plaid blazer. A black tshirt provides a little contrast but a white tshirt would work just as well, or a monochramatic look with a grey tshirt would be a good idea too.

This particular pair of grey jeans is a mid rise boyfriend jean from Old Navy.

It comes in petites but I am wearing the regular length because they are already cropped. A single cuff leaves a little skin between the boot and ankle.

They aren’t quite long enough to go down over the boot. You don’t want the bottom of your jeans competing with the top of your boots. Go fully over the top of ankle boot or just above.

Blazer- Banana Republic (thrifted); option option tee- Old Navy; option jeans- Old Navy; boots- Target; earrings- Kendra Scott; necklace- Gorgjana

With a Floral Dress

White ankle boots and a floral dress are a match made in heaven. The white makes the florals pop. Add a denim jacket as a layer to complete this fall outfit.

This dress was styled in the Petite Friendly Fall Skirts and Dresses post with neutral camel color booties. Compare the two to see how easily white boots substitute for neutral boots.

fall dress outfit with white ankle boots
denim jacket and dress fall outfit over 40

Dress –Amazon; denim jacket Old Navy

With a Column of Black and a White Blazer

If you like contrast, you can wear white boots with black jeans. This look won’t lengthen your body or make you appear taller like black boots with a column of black would, but I don’t always care about looking taller.

I’m 5’2″ and that’s okay, until I need to reach something on the second shelf of the kitchen cabinet. But that’s what ladders and husbands are for, right?

So go ahead and rock white boots with black jeans, no matter your height. If distressed jeans aren’t your thing, regular black jeans or ankle pants work with this look.

black jeans and white ankle boots
column of black with white blazer outfit

Blazer- old; option; sweater -old; option; jeans- Old Navy; earrings- Kendra Scott

With a dark floral dress

The white pops against this dark floral dress and makes the white in the floral pattern stand out. Add a hat in a neutral color to complete the look

dark floral dress with white ankle boots
white ankle boots with floral dress outfit

Dress- Amazon; hat- JCrew Factory; earrings- Kendra Scott

Are you ready to add white or ivory ankle boots to your closet? I could have easily come up with another five white ankle boots outfits from my closet.

Check out An Indigo Day for a look at how to style a more casual chelsea style white ankle boot.

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