Top Ten Amazon Favorites of 2021

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying a stress free week for this last week of the year. I like to reflect on what worked during the year, what I loved and what you loved in terms of blog posts and products, so I’ll be sharing these things over the next few days. One place we all love (or love to hate) is Amazon. It’s become a household go to for all things- food, fashion, home décor, etc. Our Amazon use really kicked off in 2020 with the pandemic and we kept it up in 2021 with 188 orders.  I’m sharing 10 of my favorite Amazon purchases in 2021 and a few of your favorite purchases.

Amazon favorites of 2021

Many of our Amazon purchases are now subscribe and save and we get some items every month and some every two months. One of our favorites is Collagen Peptides.

 If you want stronger hair, nails or better skin, add this to your diet. Sore joints? Add this to your diet. I even got my hubby hooked on this over the past year. He has a chronic pain disorder and this has really helped his muscles and joints. I no longer get sore knees from running or squats. I just add a scoop to my coffee every day. You can also easily add it to smoothies or oatmeal.

Baleaf biker shorts and High Waisted CaprisI love the biker shorts (6 inch) for working out in the summer and milder winter days and I just recently purchased the capris. The Baleaf brand is soft and comfy but still holds you in place and the pockets are adequate for my phone.

Magovel Cotton Eye Mask– Why didn’t I purchase this sooner? Game changer for traveling and day time naps on the sofa in our bright living room.

Soft faux leather tote– I loved this so much I purchased two of them- a blush for the spring and a bronze for the fall. I’m pretty rough on totes and carry one every day. These are great for the price.

Bentgo lunch box-This made lunch time easier as it’s compact and reduces the number of items I have to pack in my bag. The utensils can be somewhat annoying to get in place and keep in place, but still a handy item if you frequently pack a lunch.

Orthopedic pet bed- Our girl got this for her 12th birthday. It’s held up well and she loves it.

3 Drawer Countertop Organizer– I put this in my pantry on a shelf when I did a pantry reorganization in February and I still love having these for our tea packets.

Adjustable shelf– Another item I purchased for the pantry and still love.

Food Storage Bin– I also put these in the pantry and they are still serving me well. These would be great for a craft room as well. I love being organized so these are definitely Amazon favorites of 2021.

Reversible O ring belt– I wear this multiple times a week. Anything I wear or use frequently rightfully has a place on the list of Amazon favorites of 2021.

You guys purchased the less than $5 fan fave mascara more than anything from Amazon in 2021. I discovered this stuff the year before and haven’t looked back. You also fell in love with this lash comb, another one of my 2020 discoveries.

The soft faux leather tote was a reader favorite and at the top of the most purchased list. I can’t wait for the temps to drop again so I can wear this favorite sweatshirt. During the summer, these pull on linen shorts were purchased over and over, earning them a spot on the reader favorites, as well as this floral maxi dress and twist top maxi dress. These joggers, this floral top and these woven belts also made the top reader purchases.

Did any of your Amazon favs make this list?

I’ll be linking up with Tanya for Prime Purchases next week.

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