The Forgotten, Ignored and Unworn : What I Wore Week 2

Last week I shared some thoughts on having clothes, shoes and accessories that are never or rarely worn. I’ve issued myself a challenge to wear the things in my closet that have not been worn and I’m documenting the progress here for you. The first week’s outfits are in last week’s post. Let’s take a look at what I wore this week.

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Last Friday I wore this outfit to work. I was inspired by another blogger wearing this color combo and decided it would be a great way to break in my new shoes.

white mules office outfit

Blazer- Amazon; Top- Target; pants- Liz Claiborne; earrings- Amazon; shoes- Nordstrom

The Unworn: the new shoes! I love these and plan on wearing them with work wear and casual wear from now right through fall. The other pieces have seen a decent amount of wear over the time span I’ve owned them, but none of them get worn on heavy repeat like some other items so I could say this top and pants are “ignored”.

Saturday – I was home all day in pjs and work out clothing and I have a limited supply of those so they get worn and worn.

Sunday- I wore this outfit to church. It was also inspired by another blogger.

denim pencil skirt outfit

Jacket- Old Navy; tee- Target; similar skirt- Loft; wedges- Target; purse- Amazon; earrings- Limited; ring- Maurices; bracelet- Gorjana

The Unworn: the denim skirt! I bought it last year and haven’t worn it at all since last summer. Wearing clothing you haven’t worn in a while is a good exercise in finding out what still really fits. Sometimes the clothing we are currently wearing is forgiving of weight gain or changes in body shape and we don’t realize the changes until we put on something we haven’t worn in a while. I almost couldn’t get into this skirt. Oops. I was going to wear my nude wedges which have also been ignored this year but these black wedges are about three years old and haven’t seen a lot of wear either. The amount I wear them has increased over time, but they are still not “go to” shoes. I decided I liked the look of the black better than my nude wedges. Forgotten: The turquoise ring! I haven’t worn it in a long time. When I opened the jewelry box to get earrings I saw it and decided to add it to the ensemble. Since it’s silver I also grabbed the silver earrings I haven’t worn in a long time.

Sunday afternoon we had baptisms at the beach and my husband and I went to photograph the baptisms for our church. I changed into this.

casual kimono outfit

Kimono- Amazon; tank- American Eagle; shorts- Loft; earrings- DIY; shoes- Walmart

The Unworn: Almost everything except the shoes! The kimono is new this year but had not been worn yet. The tank is several years old but hasn’t been worn in 2 or 3 years? The shorts get worn maybe once per summer. I had not worn them this year. The earrings haven’t been worn in probably 2+ years either.

Monday- Back to work!

pencil skirt outfit

Blazer- old; skirt- JCPenney; top- Target; Necklace-Kendra Scott; earrings- Limited

The Ignored/ Unworn: the pencil skirt! And the necklace! Skirts just aren’t really practical for a lot of my current duties so the pencil skirts are getting ignored. The one I had intended to wear doesn’t currently fit (another opps!) so I moved on the this one and put this ensemble together on the fly. Green and grey- I like it. I haven’t been wearing silver jewelry much anymore either so this necklace has been getting ignored, as well as these earrings.


what I wore to work cardigan outfit

Cardigan- Loft; similar top- JCPenney; option option option pants- Loft; similar option shoes- Payless; option option necklace- Target; option options earrings- Kendra Scott

The Ignored/Unworn: The cardigan! The necklace and earrings! I bought this cardigan 2 or 3 years ago and wore it heavily the spring I purchased it and haven’t worn it now in probably a year. I was wearing rose gold a lot for a while as well, but have been ignoring it lately too in favor of gold jewelry. The shoes have seen enough wear to justify their purchase, but they are not regular “go to” either. I forget about them.


womens office outfit

Blazer/pants- Sears; belt- Target; top- TJMaxx; shoes- Banana Republic option

The Forgotten/Unworn: The shirt! the shoes! I bought this shirt during the spring and have only worn it once. It’s a nice grey stripe but the collar lays funny. It might have to go in a donate or sell pile. And these shoes- At one time I was crazy about them, although they draw a lot of attention, especially at my work place. Now, I’m kinda over them and never wear them. After wearing them this week, I think they might go in the donate pile too.


what I wore to work

Blazer/pants- Gap; blouse- Amazon; bracelets- Kendra Scott/ Gorjana; shoes- TJMaxx similar bracelet

The Unworn: The top! The Kendra Scott bracelet. I was in a bit or a hurry this morning and I had to be in court today, so I’m stretching it a bit. All of these pieces have seen lots of wear at some point or another, but it has been months and months since I’ve worn this top, or the KS bracelet.

I have no real goals with this challenge other than to wear the clothes in my closet, but I am discovering some things about my closet.

If you want to join, jump in and start documenting. I have a couple of others who will be sharing their progress at the end of the month and I will be linking to them in the last post. Share your Ignored, Forgotten or Unworn on instagram with #forgottenignoredandunworn.

Tell me one thing you can instantly think of that you keep ignoring in your closet.

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