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The Best (and worst) of 2019

Happy New Year! I wish you all the best for a prosperous and healthy year. If you are new here, welcome! If you are still sticking around from years past, THANKS!

It’s always fun to take a look back over what worked and didn’t work during the year. I like to review my analytics to see which posts got the most traffic and which didn’t. Some posts are surprising and some aren’t. It would seem that the posts published during the first half of the year are the most viewed because they have been up longer and had a chance to get more traffic, but that’s not always the case.


Let’s jump right in and see what was the most viewed of 2019.

1- 17 Stylish Ways to Wear a Striped Tee For Fall – That was no surprise! It really is fun to see an item styled lots of ways, especially one as versatile as a striped tee. The interesting thing is that this post was only published in September but it has the most views for the year.

17 stylish ways to wear a striped topPin

2- 5 Ways to Easily Camouflage Wide Hips- This one had decent views to to begin with but took off after I changed the pinterest graphic for it. I think it also helped views when Jo-Lynn pinned it.

5 ways to camouflage wide hipsPin

3- Five for Friday: Spring Things- Five for Friday or Friday Favorites always draw a lot of traffic but sometimes I can’t seem to figure out what it is about one of those posts that gets so much attention.

striped to and leopard flatsPin

4- Friday Favorites: Intimate Details– The title sparked some curiosity but the jumpsuit was a hit too.

jumpsuit outfitPin

5- Five for Friday: Good Stuff and Free Stuff

denim jacket outfitPin

6 The Forgotten, Ignored and Unworn: What I Wore Week 2 This series was a lot of fun and a huge challenge to myself to wear what’s in my closet. Maybe I should do this with my winter clothing. This is another post that wasn’t published until the last half of the year but still made the top.

ladies office outfitPin

7- Five for Friday: Outfits, Favorite Products and More Another random Friday Favorites

white jeans blazer outfitPin

8- Colored Jeans for Spring- I teamed up with Dressed for My Day to style pastel jeans for spring.

How to style pastel jeans for springPin

9- 12 Ways to Wear Burgundy Jeans Another ways to wear post! These are always popular.

12 Ways t o Wear Burgundy JeansPin

Very close behind these posts were some of the What I Wore this Week posts, but those have only been up a few months so I guess they just didn’t quite have time to pass the others.

And now for the worst, or least performing posts:

Stripe color block sweater 3 ways– Shocker! I love that sweater and all three of the outfits. So maybe I just didn’t promote this one like I should have or maybe I need to make a new pinterest graphic for it and reshare it.

3 Chic Ways to Wear a Bright Matching Suit

3 Ways to Wear Gingham

See a trend there? You guys like 5 ways or more to wear an item, but 3 isn’t enough? I’d love to hear your thoughts. I bet it has more to do with promotion and the pinterest graphics than the posts themselves. I seemed to find my niche with what worked on pinterest during the last half of the year but the graphics in those posts could stand a redo.

So what does this mean for 2020? Of course I’ll keep doing Friday Favorites, ways to wear and What I Wore posts. I’ll also keep doing other things because oddly enough, some of the posts that bring the most traffic don’t necessarily bring the most sales. I make affiliate income from this blog and it pays the costs of running a blog, so I’ll continue to do some of the things that bring income too. It’s all a delicate balance. My ultimate goal is to provide you with inspiration and information to be the best dressed YOU that you can be, but it’s also nice to have help with the costs. I truly appreciate your clicks and purchases through my links.

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