Spring Color Trend: How to Wear Raspberry Sorbet

Spring color trends for 2021 are all about sparking energy and new life. While the colors are drawn from nature, they are brighter and more vivid this year and are meant to inspire optimism and a renewed interest in color. One such vivid color trending for spring 2021 is raspberry sorbet.

You may also have heard that bubblegum pink is trending this year and the two terms may very well describe the same color. Any pink from the bright “Barbie” pink to the deeper raspberry will be on trend. Colors vary by tint, tone, and shade. Old Navy has a fun, bright pink reminiscent of “dubble bubble” called zinnia pink. JCrew Factory has a selection of items in radiant fuschia.

Let’s take a look at what’s available in fashion in raspberry sorbet and how to wear this brilliant color.

Who can wear raspberry sorbet best?

Summers and winters, rejoice! This is one of your colors. Summers and winters are those who can wear cool colors and have cool, bluish undertones to their skin. Autumns and springs, those with warmer coloring, should look for warmer, peachy shades of pink.

Color pairings with raspberry sorbet

Raspberry and olive

Raspberry works well with olives and greens that are of the same intense saturation level. For example, raspberry will look great with mint from the palette above, but not so great with green ash, particularly lighter shades and less saturated versions of the color.

raspberry sorbet top and olive skirt

Jcrew Factory Puff Sleeve Top/ JCrew Factory scallop hem skirt/ loafers

Below is an example from my archive of outfits with olive on top and bright pink on the bottom.

women's spring pencil skirt outfit

Shop the Look:

Raspberry and Navy

Raspberry will really pop against navy and white.

women's spring and summer work attire

Raspberry and Tan

Keep the bright color the focus with more neutrals like tan, or the Pantone spring core color buttercream.

women's business casual outfit with raspberry pink blazer

Other ways to wear raspberry sorbet

Wear it as a print.

If one solid piece in this bright color is overwhelming, break it up and wear it in a print. Pair it with an unexpected color like rust.

women's spring outfit with floral raspberry top

Wear it on your feet.

If it’s just not your color and won’t work next to your face, wear it on your feet.

women's spring dress outfit

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Are you fan of this spring color trend? Let me know in the comments.

This is part one of a series on spring color trends that I’ll be featuring over the next few weeks.