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What is the Romantic Fashion Style Personality: A Simple Guide

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Lace, ruffles, satin bows, airy gossamer fabrics, feminine silhouettes, and soft colors — these are all elements of the romantic fashion style personality. If these descriptions elicit a dreamy sigh from you, then you’re a romantic like us.

And why not? Romantic fashion is as timeless as it is beautiful.

romantic fashion style white lace dress

If you describe your style as feminine, soft and girly, it’s a sure bet your style personality is romantic style personality.

Today we are discussing the romantic clothing style as we explore the various style personalities. In this article, you’ll learn more about the romantic style of dressing, how you can incorporate it into your wardrobe, and where to get key pieces of clothing.

Celebrities with Romantic Fashion Style

Many celebrities do not stick to one particular style, and you don’t have to either. Your style can be a combination of styles, but usually one will be more dominant. If you like romantic style, you may also be drawn to elements of the classic style, glam style or boho chic fashion.

Some celebrities you can find wear romantic style clothing are Elle Fanning, Anne Hathaway, Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Alba and Zoe Saldana.

celebrities with romantic fashion style

Elle Fanning, Anne Hathaway and Zoe Saldana are all rocking lace, bows, and large collar/cape details with a nod to the romantic style essence.

Getting to Know the Romantic Fashion Style

The romantic fashion style is all about softness, flow, and an overall dreamy vibe. Think floaty fabrics, full skirts, delicate lace and embroidery, and a palette of pastels and florals. This aesthetic is all about evoking nostalgia and femininity. It’s a style rich in embellished details from ruffles to bows and sheer fabrics.

This style of dressing first became popular from 1815 to 1845 as a result of Romanticism or the Romantic era. After the Industrial Revolution and the Age of Enlightenment, society turned to Romanticism — an artistic movement that began in Europe. It valued individualism, emotions, and literature while questioning industrialization and science. Romanticism brought a deeper appreciation for nature.

At the height of the Romantic period in the 1830s, fashion became about making the shoulder line as wide as the hem line. Elaborate collars called Pelerine collars were in style. Their influence can still be seen today in some romantic style clothing.

If you’re looking to add a touch of romance to your wardrobe, the romantic style is a versatile look that can be seen in men’s and women’s fashion. From clothing to shoes and accessories, the romantic style is sure to add a whimsical charm to any outfit.

Elements That Define Romantic Fashion

What makes romantic fashion so dreamy and distinctive? In this section, we learn about the silhouettes, patterns, colors, and materials that continue to define romantic fashion.

Romantic Silhouettes

The romantic silhouette is less structured and flows naturally with sheer delicate fabrics. Think wide-legged pants and A-line skirts and dresses. Skirts were full and often had embellishments towards the hem. They were also padded for more volume during the Romantic period. Modern skirts aren’t padded but pleated skirts and tiered skirts create more volume.

Straight lines, geometric shapes and structured clothing do not have a place in the romantic style. You won’t find clingy, fitted or body con garments either.

puff sleevePin

There were many types of sleeves during the Romantic period but puffed sleeves were a common style. This type of sleeve style was pleated at the shoulder so that the fabric would puff up before being gathered in a fitted cuff. Modern puff sleeves have been trending for a couple of years now.

Waistlines were positioned several inches above the waist yet were not so high that they reached below the bust so they weren’t empire waists.

Romantic Patterns

Romantic patterns featured floral-inspired designs. Large floral designs, demure-looking floral patterns, and other nature-inspired embellishments were all part of the romantic style of dressing.

Floral prints, especially pastel watercolor florals, are very much a romantic element in modern style. Other nature-inspired prints find a place in a romantic wardrobe.

Romantic Colors

romantic fashion style dressPin

Because its prints were derived from nature, the colors of romantic styles followed suit. Soft and natural colors like pastel colors and earthy shades are prevalent in romantic fashion.

The color of flowers, verdant green hills, the gentle baby blue of the ocean, and awe-inspiring shades borrowed from the sunrise are all part of romantic fashion’s gorgeous palette.

Of course, you will need some neutrals to pair your pastels with. The romantic fashion style will utilize soft creams, tans and greys instead of dark browns and black.

Romantic Materials

lace and pearls

To achieve the dreamy, delicate, and feminine look of romantic fashion, fabrics like chiffon and lace are often used. Chiffon can be made of silk, nylon, and polyester. It’s romantic quality is its sheerness.

You can also opt for natural materials like cotton. These lightweight materials drape and flow beautifully, encouraging movement and inspiring romance.

Details like ruffles, bows, and embroidery are the cherry on top. These feminine flourishes add a touch of delicacy to the clothing and are often used to accentuate the hem, sleeves, and necklines.

Key Clothing Pieces for an Understated Romantic Fashion Style

romantic style clothing

The romantic style can be adapted for various occasions and settings. A date, garden party, wedding, casual gathering with friends, Sunday brunch, etc. are all occasions that are well-suited to romantic fashion.

Here are some key clothing pieces that you will want as part or your romantic style wardrobe:

●      Chiffon dresses

●      Delicate lace or crocheted blouses with or without ruffled sleeves

●      Flowing silk skirts

●      Off-shoulder blouses

●      Tank tops with tie-up straps

●      Flowy tops with bell sleeves

●      Flowing romantic dresses

●      Midi skirts

Even an ordinary outfit can have a romantic look with shoes and accessories like:

shoes with bows in romantic fashion style

●      Ballet flats

●      A wide-brimmed straw hat

●      Floral earrings

●      Pastel-colored clutches and totes

●      Low-heeled tulle pumps with pearl embellishments

●      Light-colored sandals

Also consider these:

Straw totes

Raffia headbands and accessories


Flats and pumps with bow embellishments

When it comes to choosing romantic style clothing, almost anything that looks whimsical, lightweight, delicate, and demure fits the bill.

If the romantic fashion style is your go to style personality, you may struggle to wear casual outfits. That’s okay. It’s your own style.

While you may be more comfortable in dresses, skirts and wide leg pants, you can still bring the romantic personality to your casual looks. Wear jeans or casual bottoms in velvet or corduroy in the winter. Go for white jeans or flowy white linen pants with pastel tops in spring or summer.

Making Romantic Style Work with Your Body Shape

body shapesPin

If you are a pear shape, rejoice! All those puff sleeves and embellished tops will help balance your lower half and draw the eye up and away from your hips. Likewise, if you are an hourglass or a rectangle shape, you can rock the puff sleeves and ruffles. These details will help add curves and shape to the rectangle body.

Apples shapes can use puff sleeves and ruffle details to draw the eye away from a larger tummy and middle. Stick to shorter sleeves. If long sleeves have ruffles or volume at the cuff, you run the risk of accenting your middle. Be careful of where ruffles, layers and tiers fall on the bottom half. Don’t let these details draw a line right through your middle.

That goes for any body type. Don’t let ruffles or details draw a line across the part you are trying to minimize or de-emphasize.

If you are an inverted triangle, you will want to stay away from the puff sleeves and large shoulder details. Wear ruffled and tiered skirts with simple tops to achieve a romantic look and flatter your body shape. Small fine lace on a top would be acceptable.

Wide leg flowy pants will be your friend too. And, you can rock those light neutrals and pastels on the bottom since you want to draw attention to your bottom half.

Putting Romantic Outfits Together

The key to romantic fashion in modern-day settings is to pick one item like a top, dress, or skirt that you can combine with other items that are romantic or inspired by other fashion styles.

Romantic dress outfit

chiffon dress Romantic fashion style

For a garden party, a chiffon dress or loose-fitting trousers and an off-shoulder top can be the perfect ensemble. Pair these with strappy heels or ballet flats for a thoroughly feminine look. Don’t forget to bring a textured cardigan that matches your outfit for when it gets chilly

Edgy Romantic Outfit


If you want to combine the romantic aesthetic with your edgy fashion sense, go for tight-fitting jeans, leather boots, and an eyelet lace top. Layer your blouse with a camisole underneath if it’s too sheer. Go for nature-inspired earrings that are shaped like leaves or flowers in gold tones. Combining styles like grunge and modern with romantic pieces can soften your look and provide interesting contrasts.

Casual Romantic Skirt Outfit

romantic skirt outfit

For a trendy yet casual look, combine a crop top with an embellished, A-line midi skirt in earthy tones. You can wear this with almost any kind of shoes. But if you want to go all-out on romance, opt for sandals made from natural materials like cotton, straw, and jute.

Where to Shop for Romantic Clothing

Don’t know where to get dreamy, romantic clothing? Let us help you by sharing our favorite places to shop.

Free People

Known for bohemian and vintage-inspired clothing, Free People offers a wide range of flowy dresses, lace tops, and embroidered separates.

Right now, we’re loving the Selkie Ritz Dress with its puffed sleeves and gorgeous floral patterns.

For Love & Lemons

 This brand is known for feminine, lace-heavy, and embroidered clothing, They have a nice selection of romantic-style dresses, tops, and lingerie.

We’re drooling over the Suzette Maxi Dress. Despite its loose and flowy fabric, it has a daring neckline that exposes the cleavage.


Known for modern, feminine, and romantic designs, this brand offers dresses, jumpsuits, and tops with a lot lace and embroidery details.

Get a load of the Pink Guipure Lace Crop Top. Despite its prim and proper neckline, the bodice is sheer, short, and covers only the bare essentials. Who said romantic styles have to be boring?

What if the Romantic Fashion Style Doesn’t Fit Your Lifestyle?

You can embrace this style for special occasions. Wear pretty floral dresses with ruffles and embellishments to weddings and showers. Express your romantic style on date nights.

If your job or daytime activities call for a more conservative or practical kind of attire, you can still incorporate some elements of romantic style with your daily attire. Wear a floral blouse with a power suit in a lighter neutral color like tan or light grey. Small ruffle accents on blouses are appropriate for an office setting.

Consider a pleated midi skirt with a button up blouse and pumps for a chic feminine work look.

Pair a ruffle blouse or puff sleeve blouse with jeans or khakis and ballet flats for running errands. Embrace pastel colors in your outfits.

Wear more structured work appropriate items like cardigans that have some embroidery on them. Look for jackets or blazers with a little draping. Look for tops and jackets with large collars.

Romance Is Alive and Well in Fashion

The romantic era may have come and gone but its whimsical spirit lives on in fashion. Its unmistakable elements, silhouettes, colors, and designs still beautify and inspire modern women. It’s capable of adding a softer and dreamier look to any outfit whether you prefer romantic-styled blouses, skirts, dresses, or accessories.

romantic fashion stylePin