Reader Favorites for July 2021

It’s time for one of my favorite posts (and yours too according to the stats). It’s time to take a look at what you loved reading and shopping during the past month. I’m recapping reader favorites for July.

FYI- pageviews were way down compared to the past couple of months. Are you still there? If you love this content, please pin it or share it on social media and with friends.

I know summer can get slow and folks have other things to do, but it can be discouraging to a blogger to put the effort into content and think no one is reading it.

Now that the Debbie Downer/ whining session is over, let’s get on to the fun stuff.

The most viewed post in July was The Best of June: Top 10 Favorites. See, I told you it was one of your favorites.

Next, Saturday Steals and Deals You Don’t Want to Miss. Everyone loves a deal, right?

What I Bought in June: Prime Purchases It’s always fun to see what everyone buys at Amazon.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Event: The Sale I Hate to Love

9 Ways to Rock A Leopard Print Top This is a good one to save for fall.

Summer Wardrobe Essentials For Easy Summer Outfits in 2021

5 Easy Ways to Tame Your Hair While it Grows Out This post from last year continues to pop up in the top 10.

How to Wear Summer Trends: Styling Paperbag Pants and Shorts Simplified

Summer Business Casual and Everyday Summer Outfits To Copy Now

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021: What I Ordered, Loved, Kept and Returned You have just another day to shop so be sure to check this out, and this post as well for a few more reviews.

Thanks for shopping through my links! Traffic might be down, but affiliate commissions were still good.

The Best Sellers of July

The link leading to the most purchases (I don’t really know if this was the item you actually purchased, I don’t get that info, just what lead to sales) was the How Perfect No-Wire Contour Bra. Everyone loves a comfy bra, right?

Several of you checked out the Ab-Solution CoolMax(R) Raw Hem Straight Leg Jeans. I have high hopes for these. A southern girls dream! I can see why this would be among the reader favorites for July.

This Set of 4 Straw Woven Elastic Stretch Waist Belts became a favorite too.

The rest of the top ten sellers are featured in the widget below.

Did you get something you loved this past month? Share in the comments.

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