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12 Plaid Blazer Outfits That Are Easy to Pull Off

One of the best trends that happens every year is a good blazer. And usually, it’s a great plaid one! Plaid is a favorite print for every season and one that’s super classic. It’s a great time to be busting out plaid blazer outfits again!

I love a good blazer. It’s classic and trendy at the same time–you can dress it up, dress it down, wear it to the office, wear it on Saturday night–it’s one of the most versatile items you can have. In fact, any blazer can easily elevate your look, but I especially love plaid blazers because each pattern adds a little special touch of visual interest.

Here are one dozen plaid blazer’s women outfit ideas for Fall since they are always a hit during the cooler temperatures. Let’s jump in, yes!?

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12 Plaid Blazer Outfits for Women

●      Plaid Blazer + Tshirt + Jeans + Ankle Boots

Good news for those of you still in warm-weather locations that still have months to go until it’s weather-appropriate to wear a jacket — you don’t have to miss out on the plaid blazer trend!

brown plaid blazer outfit with jeansPin

Similar boots; similar boots

A plaid blazer with a tee and blue jeans is the perfect fall look when the weather still feels like summer. Give this outfit an added touch of elegance by finishing off with ankle boots. This will add extra style to your day-to-day casual collection.  Wear this outfit pretty much anywhere. It looks chic and professional at the same time.

●      Plaid Blazer + Beige Sweater + Ankle Pants + Leopard Loafers

As fall goes on and the days get colder, a cozy sweater under a plaid blazer is an easy go-to for work or any casual occasion. Pair them with ankle pants to look more appealing and stunning.

brown plaid blazer outfit with rust pantsPin

Sweater- Amazon

Here I have opted for a beige sweater, as it will make the brown plaid blazer pop while still looking professional and understated. Add a pair of leopard loafers to complete the outfit in a simple and elegant way.

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●      Brown Plaid Blazer + Olive Tops+ Brown Pants + Leopard Pumps

brown and olive work outfitPin

Moving on to this super simple basic look. It includes an olive top and these gorgeous brown pants. I paired it with a pair of leopard pumps and the brown plaid blazer on top of it all.

You can’t go wrong with this plaid blazer women’s outfit, and you can wear it for so many different occasions. It’s an effortless outfit that makes you easily stand out.

●      Plaid Blazer + Grey Sweater + Burgundy Pants + Black Pumps

burgundy and brown plaid blazer office outfitPin

Here is another stunningly gorgeous plaid blazer outfit idea that you’ll find yourself wanting to wear over and over again. Simply tuck a grey sweater into a pair of burgundy pants.

Now all that’s left is the blazer, and I adore this one! For shoes, opt for black pumps. I am definitely sure you will look adorable from head to toe with this plaid blazer outfit idea.

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●      Plaid Blazer + Ivory Top+ Camel Pants + Burgundy Pumps

plaid blazer women's outfitPin

For the office, just add an ivory top with camel pants and burgundy pumps to create a dressy work outfit. This is a great way to do business casual for meetings or the office. But also nice for a put-together outfit for dinner.

●      With a Tan Sweater +Burgundy Pants + Neutral Loafers

plaid blazer work wearPin

Create your plaid blazer women’s outfit with your favorite work pants. I paired it with tan sweater and burgundy pants for the office. Level up the look with elevated neutral loafers. The modest heel and bow give these loafers a little something extra.

●      With a Lace Top + Navy Pants + Cognac Pumps

brown plaid blazer and navy pants outfitPin

Lace top- similar; navy pants- similar

There is so much to love about this plaid blazer women’s outfit. To seamlessly bridge the gap between dressy and casual, trendy and chic, take a look at this plaid blazer outfit idea paired with navy pants. A lacy top is worn underneath, perfectly matching with stunning cognac pumps.

●      Plaid Blazer + Orange Top + Black Pants + Leopard Pumps

plaid blazer outfitPin

If you are a little bored with your dark or plain work outfits and want to look more cheerful at work, here is a plaid blazer outfit idea you may consider. To look cheerful, you can wear a plaid blazer over an orange top to provide a beautiful layer. You can simply pair these pieces with black pants and a pair of leopard pumps to complete the outfit.

●      Plaid Blazer + White Button Up Shirt + Faux Leather Leggings + Loafer Mules

faux leather leggings outfit with brown plaid blazerPin

White button up- Walmart; faux leather leggings- Walmart; mules- Amazon; similar

I had to include at least one plaid blazer outfit idea with faux leather leggings, yes?? I LIVE in these during the winter, and I especially love them with a white button-up shirt! It’s crazy how differently you can style two classic items, right? Here, I’ve paired it with a loafer mule. It’s a combination that is classic with a fashion-forward twist. If people advise you against wearing faux leather leggings, then prove them wrong by rocking this outfit!

With a Camel Sweater + Black Pants + Leopard Ankle Boots

plaid blazer with a sweaterPin

Another professional way to wear a brown plaid blazer is by pairing it with black dress pants and a camel sweater for a winter office outfit. Make it a little fun with leopard print anke boots.

Change it up to a polished casual outfit by switching the pants to black jeans and black boots.

Plaid Blazer + Burgundy Blouse + Black Pants + Burgundy Pumps

plaid blazer work outfitPin

Are you seeing a pattern here? A plaid blazer in a neutral color with any solid top and black pants creates a polished look that is work ready.

With A Blue Button Up Shirt + Navy Pants + Leopard Pumps

brown and navy outfitPin

Another look with a solid top and dark pants, but this time it’s a blue button up shirt (another classic closet must have) and navy trousers. Blue and brown is always a soothing, earthy pairing.

You can easily create more plaid blazer outfits. Just play with different colors and pants styles, and you are good to go!

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