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Stunning Pink and Blue Outfits for Spring to Wear Now

Do blue and pink clothes go together? Yes, they do. This article will show you how to create stunning pink and blue outfits with ease.

I’m always drawn to soft pink and blue colors in the spring. Light blue is peaceful, tranquil, secure, and orderly. Blue is often seen as a sign of stability and reliability. Pink also represents harmony and peace.

Dusty rose and blush pinks pair beautifully with light blue. It’s no surprise that serenity and rose quartz were the colors of the year in 2016.

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Pink and Blue Outfits for Work

These soft colors make soothing yet confident work looks. Wear these colors to the office to keep the stress away. Blue is fairly conservative in any shade, so you will still be taken seriously at work.

Blush pink blazer + slate blue pants

Pair a blush pink blazer with a white button up and slate blue pants. A button up keeps the look serious and conservative for the office, but not too serious. Tie the look together with a coordinating neck scarf that has pink and blue in the pattern.

Nude heels complete this look and go welll with the soft palette. Nude flats could be worn with this also.

This look would also work with pants in a lighter blue or with navy pants.

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Pink sleeveless blazer + blue striped button up + grey pants

Keep the pink and blue all on top and pair with grey bottoms. A regular pink blazer could be substituted for this sleeveless blazer vest. A pink and blue neck scarf adds a fun touch to an otherwise all business outfit.

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Blush top + slate blue pants

The simplest of pink and blue outfits- a blush top with blue pants. Slate blue or navy works best here for the bottoms. Keep color hues in mind when pairing colors. A brighter pink would work with a bright blue.

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Navy top + pink pants

Reverse the order and wear your navy or blue on top and pink on the bottom. Pair with nude shoes to keep a lean line going with the bottom half.

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Casual Pink and Blue Outfits

Navy cardigan + striped top + pink pants

Slip in a pattern like easy stripes in pink or blue. Here a blue striped top is paired with a navy cardigan and pink pants.

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Blue striped top+ pink pants

Another variation of blue on top and pink on bottom. This time the top has stripes and a ruffle detail. Leopard loafers add some fun interest to this pink and blue outfit.

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Pink cardigan + blue striped top + white jeans

Another example of keeping the pink and blue together on top and pairing with a neutral bottom. This pink and blue outfit includes white jeans. White is a perfect third color for pairing with pink and blue.

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It’s not necessary to stick with the lighter shades of pink and blue. Go bold and pair hot pink with navy like this example. You can find more examples of hot pink and navy or bright blues in 20 Hot Pink Blazer Outfit Ideas for Work.

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Do you wear these colors together? Drop me a comment and share your thoughts on pink and blue outfits.


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