October Amazon Prime Purchases: Go Camping

It’s time to share all the fun finds and purchases from Amazon Prime. Our October Prime purchases were mostly about camping supplies and gear because the husband and I went on a camping trip again for our anniversary. We spent two nights in a yurt at a state park and two nights tent camping in a private park.

To prepare for our trip and update our supplies, we turned to Amazon. Every time we go camping, we try to make things easier and more compact for travel.

go camping with Amazon Prime

You might wonder what these first two things have to do with camping but trust me.

Cordless/ Rechargeable hair straightenerThis little gem saved room in my bag and saved me from a week of bad hair days. I generally only need a straightener or curling iron for filling in the bird’s nest of a mess at the crown of my head. The rest I can brush and go or finger style, but I need a heated tool for the back crown area. This did the trick. The charge doesn’t last very long, but it got me by each morning. I wouldn’t rely on it for doing a full head of long hair, but if you need something portable for touch ups or short hair, this will do the trick.

Sleep mask I was going to order this months ago for some trips, but most of my travel for the year was cancelled due to the increase of COVID. I decided to give this a try for camping because nearby campers sometimes leave lights on longer than I like. I have also used this for naps on the couch since our living room gets all the natural day light all day long. This mask fits well and blocks most of the light.

Paperclip chain necklace– This has nothing to do with camping, but I wanted it. So far it’s holding up well and it’s an affordable way to try a trend.

11 Piece Camp Kitchen Cooking Utensil Set We got tired of digging around in our box of supplies for our hodge podge set of utensils and decided to purchase this. It has all the basics you need for campfire cooking and worked well. It made packing and travel easier and more compact.

Portable eating utensils– Another space saver. These are well made and durable. Having these also creates less waste and trash as opposed to using plastic throw away utensils.

Leather fly swatter– The hubby ordered this mostly for the house because he broke our old plastic fly swatter.

Camping Lantern Bug Zapper– This one didn’t work too well and the charging port broke. It has to be returned, so I can’t recommend this at all.

REDCAMP Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag It rarely gets below 55 or 60 at night during the time frame we go camping here, and our old sleeping bags were just too hot. These were perfect and they compact into a small roll for travel.

Paracord– Lots of uses for these, including stringing a line to dry towels on at your campsite and tying off things you don’t want to blow away.

Ring Smart Lighting and Bulb We had some attempted burglaries and breaking and entering of autos in our neighborhood the month before, so the hubby ordered these. You can control the lights with your Ring app. While we were away, he turned on and off our normal lights so it appeared as if nothing was different.

Foldable camping stool- These are a luxury and a must have. I wanted something to prop my feet on while sitting around the campfire, and this worked wonderfully. I also used one as a side table at the electrical port to place my phone on while it was charging. They could also be useful for concerts and ball games.

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