May 2020 Amazon Prime Purchases: For My Planner

May was another boring month as far as Amazon purchases go. I did get a new bright green cardigan and some fun stuff for my planner, but nothing over the top. I still find it fun to see what everyone buys and finds on Amazon, so I’m here to share my purchases for the month of May.

stickers for my planner and other Amazon prime purchases

1 Kenra Volume Spray 25– This is the best hairspray for hold that still allows you to comb through and restyle if necessary. It does not build up much at all. I was running low and this two pack is a good deal.

2 Pilot Gel Erasable Ink Refills I love these for my planners because I always need to move things around or I just flat out make spelling mistakes, so the erasable ink allows me to make corrections. I needed refills for my existing pens.

3 Small Talk Stickers I’m a little bit of a sticker addict. I love these quote stickers for my planner.

4 PILOT FriXion Light Pastel Collection Erasable Highlighters Also for my planner. The pastels are much easier to read through. I cannot draw a straight line to save my life, but at least I can erase and make things neater.

5 Amazon Essentials Crewneck cardigan- These are a decent quality and price. I’ve been wanting a green cardigan in this shade for a couple of years.

6 me & my BIG ideas Sticker Value Pack for Classic Planner – The Happy Planner More stickers for my planner. These were $9.49 when I bought them so add them to your watch list and see if they drop again.

7 Nature’s Bakery Gluten Free Fig Bars These are one of our favorite snacks but they can be expensive at the grocery store, usually $5 per box or more. 6 boxes for $20 bucks was a steal.

8 Umbra Casa Tissue Box Cover – Adorable House Shaped Square Tissue Box Holder Before Covid 19 we didn’t keep tissues around regularly. We just used toilet paper to blow our nose and picked up tissue occasionally. When toilet paper became scare and I could still get tissue, I went back to using tissue for noses to save toilet paper for it’s intended job. I keep a box on the coffee table and this adorable little house makes a cute display of them.

I ordered some other things with the cardigan that I’m debating over and will be sharing in a try on session soon, so be sure to check back for that.

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