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June Book Reviews

I didn’t like some of the books I read in June as much as what I read in May, but it was still a good month. I still have a goal to read one non-fiction and one fiction per month, and I’m still far surpassing that thanks to audio books and lots of windshield time at work. If I’m reading a Kindle Unlimited selection, I usually switch back and to from reading and listening depending on where I am. I have indicated in my review how I read or listened. I am using the Goodreads rating system. 3 stars= I liked it, 4 stars=I really liked it, and 5 stars= it was amazing. Everything I read was either on Kindle Unlimited or Scribd.

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 Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens– (audio version via Scribd) I’m trying to stick to a budget and since I could not find a cheaper version of a used copy, I opted to listen to the audio version of this on Scribd because of all the hype. The narrator is excellent. The story is every bit as good as it is hyped up to be. I instantly felt compassion for Kya and wanted to cheer for her at all stages of her life. Kya is abandoned by mother and then the rest of her family by the age of 10 and resides in the marshes of North Carolina alone. Dubbed “the marsh girl” and scorned by the town people, Kya finds a life for herself among the sea gulls and other marsh life. A young man takes an interest in her beauty, inner and outer, and teaches her to read. Then he too abandons her. Along comes another young man, and then allegations of murder. A beautiful and painful story of survival, human nature, coming of age and more. 5 stars

Everything We Keep- Kerry Lonsdale Audio (Audible) and Kindle version- Aimee finds herself burying her fiancé James on what was to be their wedding day. Mystery and questions surround his disappearance and death. As she pursues answers, more secrets than one can imagine are uncovered. This is from Aimee’s perspective and revolves around her coping with and moving on from the loss of James. I thought this moved a little slow in the beginning but it got interesting enough for me to keep with it and finish it. 3 stars- I enjoyed it but I didn’t love it.

Everything We Left Behind- Kerry Lonsdale– Kindle and audio. The next in the series about Aimee and James and is told from James perspective. 3 stars- I enjoyed it but didn’t love it. There are more books in this series, but I was not compelled enough by the first two to dive into them. Maybe one day when I catch up other books on my list I might return to the series.

Whisper Me This by Kerry Anne King– Kindle and audio version. Another book of family secrets, twists and unexpected turns. Maisey had an imaginary friend as a child named Marley. Or was Marley real? Maisey’s mother falls ill and passes, and in returning home to care for her father, Maisey learns her mother’s best kept secret. This book is about domestic violence, its effect on families, survival, control and coping. Maisey and her daughter Elle are very entertaining and the characters keep some laughter and release mixed into grim topics. I had no set expectations for this book, but really enjoyed it. 4 stars

My Sister’s Grave by Robert Dugoni– Kindle and audio. Since I enjoyed The Eighth Sister so much, I had to go back and read more of Dugoni’s works. This is the first in a series about detective Tracey Crosswhite. For twenty years she has researched and reviewed her sister’s murder and the trial of the convicted killer, but things don’t add up for her. Then her sister’s body is recovered and she has the opportunity to get the answers she wanted. But did she really want to know? Dugoni does his research on the law enforcement community and the book is well written. 5 stars

Woman Last Seen in her Thirties by Camille Pagan- Kindle and audio Maggie’s husband of almost thirty years walks out on her and out goes all the comforts she has known. She realizes she has become invisible and begins to rebuild herself and her life. Maggie is a charming and entertaining character and this was a fun read/listen. There is even a pitch for Nordstrom in the book and fashionistas will certainly appreciate the humor there. The narrator for the audio version is the same narrator for The Overdue Life of Amy Byler and the voice of Marnie in Matchmaking for Beginners. I really like her, although I most closely identified the voice with Amy, so it took some getting used to for her to be Maggie, lol. 4 stars


Eat That Frog: 21 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time by Brian Tracey– read ebook version on Scribd. Not bad, but not the best self help book I’ve ever read. Much of this has already been presented in other sources, but if you haven’t read much on the topic, then it’s a good one to read. 3 stars

Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter by Kate Clifford Larson- Read/ Kindle Unlimited The story of Joe and Rose Kennedy’s (parents of JFK) daughter, Rosemary, who was mentally disabled and how they worked diligently to keep it a secret. She was sent to school after school, but only obtained a fourth grade education level. The father decided to have her lobotomized at age 23 and it only made matters worse. She is secretly put away and largely ignored for twenty years before her mother and some of her siblings reconnect with her. It is a sad but enlightening story into the lives of the Kennedys. Even though the story moved a little slow through Rosemary’s placement in school after school, it was an interesting read. 4 stars

Present over Perfect: Living Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living– by Shauna Niequist Audiobook on Scribd- One woman’s account of how she left behind business and chaos to just be present in the day to day and really be a part of her family’s life. Spirituality plays a big part in her decisions. This is written in an easy to read, or listen, conversational style. It was a great reminder of what God tells us- be still, rest. 4 stars

I enjoyed all of my May and June reads for less than $11!. Scribd was free for two months, Kindle Unlimted was .99 cents for two months, and then I rolled over the Kindle Unlimited for $9.99 so I could finish Rosemary. It was that or buy the book for $9.99, but with the month’s subscription I can keep reading other Kindle Unlimited selections. Try Kindle Unlimited for free here.

Try Scribd for two months (I get a free month if you sign up with my link). After your trial period it’s $8.99 per month. Getting to listen to Where the Crawdads Sing and Present Over Perfect for $8.99 is far cheaper than Audible for one book at $14.95 per month and cheaper than purchasing the ebook versions. You will pay at least $8.99 for one audio version, but you can listen to unlimited books from their selection for the one price per month. You can also read the ebook versions of many books.

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