How to Use An Outfit Formula For Any Personal Style

Have you ever seen an outfit on someone else that you really like but just don’t know how to make it work for you? Do you have a Pinterest board full of ideas that you just can’t quite put into reality for yourself? Do you want to give capsule wardrobes a try, but haven’t quite found one that fully suits your style? Read on to learn how to take the stress out of making those outfit formulas work for your personal style.

How to Use an Outfit Formulas for Any Personal Style

Most capsule wardrobes are created for the person who created them.

Let that sink in.

Unless you have the exact same style and body shape as the person designing the capsule, you may be a little disappointed with the capsule. They work for the creator because they know how to shop for their style, but you might be a little disappointed if you have a different style signature or haven’t figured out your personal style yet. Personal style is not a one size fits all. (That’s why it’s called personal style.)

However, a capsule wardrobe or an outfit formula can be a great source of inspiration and a great way to learn how to pair colors, patterns and how to style trends. They can help you quickly create outfits once you learn to look at them with a broader view. This applies to all those pinterest outfits you saved. Maybe you like them but you don’t have the exact pieces in your closet. That’s okay. You can still make them work for you.

I frequently use outfit formulas for inspiration, but I rarely go buy all the pieces and create the outfits exactly the way they are styled in the photos.

Let’s take a look at a basic formula and how shoes and accessories can make it fit different style aesthetics.

Outfit Formula- black and white striped top+ black bottoms+ snake print shoes

The formula I was working with pictured plain black jeans and snakeskin ankle boots. A burgundy tote was suggested as well as a black wrap bracelet.

Just by changing up a few accessories I was able to create three different styles from the two basic pieces- the top and bottom.

1- Edgy- I wanted this to be a little more edgy so I chose distressed jeans instead of regular black jeans. I also used a black beaded stretch bracelet I own instead of the suggested wrap and a crossbody purse. It’s pretty close to the suggest look but with distressed jeans.

outfit formula black jeans striped top snakeskin boots
womens fall outfit with snakeskin boots and black jeans

Top- Option; option; jeans- Old Navy; bracelet- similar; option boots- similar; option; purse- Kohl’s; earrings- Rocksbox

This isn’t the edgiest outfit you could create but maybe it’s out of the comfort zone of someone else. It can be tweaked to suit other styles.

2) Sporty If casual sporty or atheleisure is more your style or your mood for the day, substitute snakeskin sneakers and swap the bag for a backpack. I added a long, simple pendant necklace because I felt too plain once I switched to the sneakers. I left off the bracelet. For a more casual look, black joggers could be substituted.

casual fall outfit
sporty outfit formula with snakeskin sneakers

Sneakers- Target; backpack- option; necklace- old/ option

3) Classic/ preppy If classic style is your signature, add a blazer and choose loafers. You may even want to wear black ankle pants or regular black jeans instead of distressed. Pick a clutch for a handbag.

Blazer– option; option; shoes- option; option; clutch- option

Small changes in accessories and shoes can change the vibes and look of an outfit. An outfit formula is a jumping off point, not a restriction.

outfit formula three ways

I hope you can now take some inspiration outfits you have saved and use this as a guide to make them into your personal outfits.

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