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How to Save Money Fast

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With the rising cost of everything it’s important to save money when and where possible. Sometimes we have a need or a goal and we want to save money fast. Maybe you want to save for the holidays or find some more money for your clothing budget.

The quicker you see results, the simpler it is to stay committed to a goal. You can end the week, month, and eventually the year with more money if you stick to a plan and exercise some discipline. 

Resign from any memberships and subscriptions that aren’t necessary

Get rid of unused subscriptions to save money effectively. Maybe you enrolled in a new streaming service during the free trial time but neglected to unsubscribe. Another possibility is that you no longer use your gym membership. Check your bank or credit card bills each month for any recurring subscription costs. Put the money you saved after cancelling any superfluous services into your savings account.

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Use an app to automate your savings 

Consider using an app that performs the work for you if you frequently forget to deposit money into your savings account or find it difficult to determine how much to set aside. Your savings can be automated with a variety of apps. These automated savings apps are made to transfer money on your behalf so that you develop a saving habit unconsciously.

Once you’ve amassed a sizable sum of money, think about transferring it into a high-yield savings account because you won’t receive the highest annual percentage rate (or sometimes any) on your contributions using these applications.

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Join loyalty and rewards programs

There are a few methods to save money and earn rewards when shopping for everyday items like clothes, groceries, and prescription drugs. Register for discount cards at local pharmacies and grocery stores. Regularly participating in these programs can help you earn incentives for future purchases or save money at the register.


Sell your old stuff 

Sell things you don’t need to get quick cash. To locate the dress, ring, or hiking boots you no longer wear, search your closet, attic, garage, or a storage area. After that, create a post about the item(s) and sell it somewhere like Vinted or eBay.

You might also sell your unwanted stuff at the neighbourhood thrift shop. If you want to sell a lot of things at once, consider having a garage sale. Whatever route you choose, do your research to prevent regrets. Before you sell something for less than it is worth, be sure you are aware of its value. You can even sell an old car with help from places like edmunds to give you a great price to add to your savings pot. 

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Make your own food 

Your budget may include a substantial price for food. Prepare your next meals and know exactly what you need to buy at the grocery store. Make a list, search for coupons, and make an effort not to purchase anything that wasn’t on the list. Food purchased at a grocery store is much less expensive even without coupons than carryout or dining out.

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Create a capsule wardrobe.

Creating a capsule of items you love and wear will cut out mindless shopping and those wasted dollars on items you never wear. If you have no idea where to start, purchasing a capsule from Outfit Formulas or Everyday Style will put you on the right track. Each offers a curated wardrobe for the season and shows you how to coordinate the pieces recommended in the capsule.

Always shop your own closet first for pieces that meet the style formulas. These guides can give your shopping more purpose.

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Utilize a Personalized Shopping Service

Try out a service like Stitch Fix. If you don’t like shopping or find it hard to stay focused, let a personal stylist do the work for you. When you receive a Stitch Fix box, you receive a box of five items curated just for you based on your likes and style personality. Having more focus when shopping for clothing reduces the chance of buying things that don’t work for you or your wardrobe.

Just make sure you return the items that don’t work or that you don’t like.

Test out a no-spend day

You can quickly save money by not making any purchases for a day or a week. This may make you more conscious of your spending. You might also observe that your spending habits have changed after a day (or days) without spending.

What’s your best tip for saving money fast?