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How To Buy Clothes For The Man In Your Life


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Men are notoriously hard to buy for when they have a birthday or Christmas is coming up. You run through all the possible gift ideas in your head, but none seem to jump out at you. Instinctively, you want to get them some sort of clothing. Clothes are always a good gift as they should be worn quite often, and they are usually well-received. 

The only issue is that it can be hard to buy clothes for a man! With that in mind, here are some tips to help you on your quest to buy clothes for the man in your life: 

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Know your man’s sizes

Firstly, sneak a peek at your man’s wardrobe to see what size he is. Unlike women’s sizes, men’s sizes are fairly straightforward and you can easily see what size they are in shirts, trousers, etc. With this information, you ensure that you actually buy them things that will fit!

Look at where your man shops

While you’re checking their clothes for sizing labels, make a note of where most of their stuff comes from. Are they buying clothes from one particular brand? If so, shop online to see what other items this brand has. They will be extremely appreciative of new clothes from this brand because they clearly love the stuff they make. 

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Pay close attention to the style of their clothing

This is actually really important. You may see something that looks super nice, but does it fall in line with the style of clothing your man wears? For example, let’s say you’re thinking about getting the man in your life some new jeans. You’ve noticed they only have one pair (typical man) so it’s time to get them some new ones. 

If you visit men’s jeans at 883 Police, you will see a whole catalogue of jeans in so many styles. There are ripped jeans, skinny jeans, faded jeans and so on. It’s so easy to buy the completely wrong style of jeans if you’re not careful.

You see a pair of ripped jeans that look cool, but does your man ever wear something like this? If you see they love fitted clothes, opt for skinny or slim jeans. The same applies to any other item of clothing – check to see what styles they currently wear and try to pick something that aligns with them. 

Always keep a receipt

Look, if you follow the first three tips, you should (emphasis on should) buy your man some clothes they will enjoy. The clothes should fit well and be something they’d likely buy for themselves. Still, there’s a chance that you get it wrong. So, always keep a receipt in case you have to take the clothes back. The most annoying instance is when you buy them a gift in advance, and then they buy themselves the same thing before you have a chance to get it. I mean, a pat on the back for your excellent choice, but now you have a duplicate item that needs to be sent back. Always keep the receipt, just in case. 

Build him a capsule wardrobe

If the man in your life needs to build a cohesive wardrobe or wants to up his style game, get him a copy of the Men’s Closet Staples Capsule. The capsule covers all seasons and work and casual wear.

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Hopefully, you will find it a lot easier to shop for your man after reading this post. Clothes are always a good gift idea; it’s just a case of knowing how to get them something they’ll enjoy and wear. Now, you can trust they actually have some good things in their closet to wear the next time you both go out somewhere!

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