Friday: Struggles, Wins, Finds and Favorites

Hello and happy Friday! This has been the strangest week for me. I have temporarily changed my work schedule due to some events at work and I’m going in an hour earlier. It means I get home an hour earlier but mentally I’m struggling with the schedule shift. I like to work out during the mornings and sometimes do blog work in the mornings, but I’ve had to shift everything to the evenings, and I just don’t feel like I get as much done in the evenings on work out days.

It also seems like my days are flying by without me getting much done. I do like having less traffic to deal with and having an easier time parking, but the shift is still odd.  It’s so funny how minor changes can throw us off.

watch in the sand

Moving forward from my minor struggle, I’m sharing a few discoveries and finds this week. And it’s not all necessarily my favorite thing.

These posts were originally Five for Friday and then Friday Favorites, but I sometimes have a hard time coming up with favorite things to share every Friday. (And honestly I sometimes struggle to find anything to share for these posts on Friday, yet these posts are always popular.)  I generally like something, or I don’t, but there are very few things that make the favorite list. I could live without a lot of things.

I also tend to tolerate a lot of things, but I’m going to work on changing that. My decluttering mission has made me consider everything and whether it’s helpful or adding value to my life in some way. If not, it’s probably going out the door. If it needs a replacement for something better, I’ll make efforts to replace it. If I don’t need it, I’m just going to rid it from my life.

Going forward, these posts may be Friday Finds- fashion, beauty or home related- just interesting things I’ve discovered in real life or on the web. Some of these may be things I have and use, and some of them are either on my wish list or just caught my attention.

Some bloggers seem to always have cute well curated themed posts for Fridays and some do weekly or monthly coffee chat style posts. Mine seem like some of the most random, off the wall things sometimes. I like structure and consistency so I’m struggling with this. If you have ideas on a weekly Friday post, theme, or content structure, let me know in the comments or shoot me an email .

Our Green Pan had become one of those things I was tolerating. I love this non-stick pan but it was four years old ( 2 year warranty) and had began to see wear and things were sticking. I was spending a considerable amount of time scrubbing the pan when things used to slide right off. Time for a replacement. I use it daily and it’s primarily the only thing I cook in, so a replacement was well warranted.

The allergy doctor couldn’t resolve the issue with the contact dermatits on my eyelids so he referred me back to a dermatologist. I saw her on February 1. She advised me to eliminate more products and ingredients in addition to the ones that have my known allergies. She says I could still be reacting to something even if I didn’t test positive for it on the skin test. Geez.

This is getting frustrating but she did introduce me to a new (to me) line of skin products and cleansers that are very safe and clean- Vanicream. She gave me some samples and then I purchased a couple of items. She gave me a sample of soap, moisturizer, shampoo and conditioner. I decided to purchase the facial cleanser and facial moisturizer. I found them at Target but will have to order the other products should I decide to continue use of them.

The soap and regular moisturizer are a win for me, but not so much the shampoo and conditioner. My hair doesn’t behave well with it. My hair behaves just as well if I just wash it with soap. The key thing she wanted me to eliminate was fragrance but I’m also allergic to MCI- a common ingredient in soap and shampoo. It’s a tall order to find a shampoo that doesn’t have one or the other or both.

She prescribed a hydrocortisone cream and it has cleared up the dermatis. The allergist is highly opposed to this treatment because it can ultimately be bad for your eyes and skin around the eyes, but the key is not to use it daily, only when needed. The ointment the allergist prescribed was not working for me.

Now it’s back to reintroducing products and trying to decide which ones cause a reaction and which do not.

hands holding skin cream

If you are having any kind of allergy issues or just want to clean up your beauty or personal care routine, is a great site to check products. They rate them and list out known allergens. I’m trying to stick with those that are 91-100% allergy free. Lucky for me my favorite mascara is one of those 100% items.

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