Friday Favorites: Stocking Stuffer Ideas Edition

Happy Friday! Are we there yet?

“Are we there yet?” is one of our favorite sayings in this house when we are tired, want the week to end, or just want to finish an undesirable chore or project. We are in fact almost on the heels of the biggest holiday weekend of the year. As exciting as it is, all the shopping, wrapping and prep can make me say “Are we there yet?” Have you finished shopping? Need stocking stuffer ideas? I’ve complied a list of my favorite random things that would make great stocking stuffers.

stocking stuffer ideas

Sharpie Variety Pack It seems like we are always looking for a Sharpie and we love them for writing on freezer bags and marking a variety of other projects. This pack features a variety of points from fine to chisel.

Pilot Frixion Erasable Refillabe Ink PensThe perfectionist in me loves these for my planner and journals.

Brazillian Bum Bum Cream – smells sooo good! And it’s so rich and creamy. An awesome body moisturizer.

Loreal Voluminous Primer A very lightweight product that makes a huge difference.

Essence mascara The best mascara ever! I actually have lashes when I wear this.

Wax melts- I’m a weirdo who doesn’t love candles. I will burn them occasionally but I prefer wax melts to add a nice smell to my home. If you need an inexpensive gift, give someone melts and a mini burner for them.

Dry shampoo- I rarely have to use this because I have a dry scalp and my hair doesn’t get oily, but when I do want to freshen up without washing (usually for the sake of smell, ha!) I use this dry shampoo.

Sleep mask – A must for anyone who travels or if you want to take a daytime nap and don’t have a dark room. When I stayed with my parents while my Dad was sick, they wanted a night light on in every room! This came in handy for me.

Revlon Balm Stain– This stuff lasts! And it creates rich vibrant color.

Eyelash comb– This is the best eyelash comb for separating clumps of mascara that I have ever used.

Fashion tape– I use this for holding low necklines in place and stopping the gaps in button up tops. It’s a must have.

Reusable straws I detest the paper straws restaraunts sometimes use. I carry these with me as a back up.

Mini food chopper- Great for when you only need a little of one thing.

Rite in the Rain weatherproof notebook- This makes a great stocking stuffer for men. I take a small notebook with me all the time for jotting down ideas or info. I have one of these in my camera bag for outdoor hikes and sightseeing so I can note things I want to remember. The weatherproof feature makes it great for humid climates and rainy days. Use with these pencils or this pen.

Satin lined beanie I wish all my beanies had a lining! The liner reduces static and keeps your hair smooth and in place.

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