Friday Favorites: Read, Listen, Watch, Wear, Buy

Happy Friday! Are you enjoying the extended daylight hours? Personally, I’m a fan of leaving it alone and letting Mother Nature do her thing. The disruption to my sleep is kicking my behind this week so sleeping in tomorrow will be my favorite thing for the week.

Let’s talk about some favorite things lately:

To Read: I came across this on the Optimal Living Daily podcast, so if you prefer to listen that’s an option. This blog post on Four Antedotes to Procrastination is a quick but thoughtful read. Have you ever considered that you procrastinate because you are tired? Perhaps a nap is the best option. (I’m all for a nap.)

To Watch: Watching TV and movies isn’t high on my list and I find it less entertaining the older I get. I just can’t seem to find good movies like we watched 20-25 years ago. We have been watching the new season of Good Girls this week. It passes the time.

Drop me suggestions in the comments for any good griping, thought provoking or funny movies you know of.

To Wear: Spring Clothes, in particular dresses. At least in theory. Dresses aren’t practical for my work day, but in my fantasy day, I’d be in a cute dress. Be sure to check out 5 Spring Dresses I’m Smitten With.

Dress- Amazon; Sandals- Target

To Buy: Cents of Style is celebrating 15 years and lots of their items are $15 right now wtih code FIFTEEN. Deals like this are always a favorite.

special sale

How about a cute spring top long enough for leggings? Or a cute gingham dress for $15, yes please!

Struggles and Wins for the Week:

I’m going to be brutally honest here- people have been a struggle for me. Every one is so “me” focused and they forget that their actions affect other people and other’s time. I had a work situation that really ticked me off this week. I’m a strong direct personality that can easily say no, but then there are all the “hurt feeling reports” to deal with that follow. Someone’s elses procastination should not become my emergency.

On a happy note for me, I finished our taxes and got them filed yesterday! I’m always glad to have that behind me.

Have a great weekend.

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