Friday Favorites: Random Things

Happy Friday! Here’s to surviving Covid and finally being able to fully focus on the words I’m typing on the screen. I made it two years without getting Covid but I guess I had to have my turn. I’ve been sick since last Friday night but started feeling much better yesterday. My symptoms were mild, more like I a had a sinus infection. I’ve had a lot of sinus congestion and this awful foggy feeling that kept me from concentrating on much but praise Jesus, that has passed.

And I really do praise Jesus for it. I finally told my mama Wednesday that I was sick and I know she prayed for me. That’s an all time favorite- a mama that prays for her children at any age!

This pretty much sums up the week:

Last weekend was a bust and I had so many things I had hoped to accomplish during that three day weekend. Oh well, the rest and sleep was nice and we binged watched Maid on Netflix. Andie MacDowell is phenomenal as the mentally ill free spirit she plays. This show brings to light so many things about why women don’t leave abusive relationships. If you have ever wondered, just watch this or read the book. I haven’t read the book but the show is amazing.

If you have been following my stories on Instagram you know I’ve been playing the “minsgame” this month. I’ve also been listening to the Minimalists podcasts. They have quickly become a favorite and the freeing feeling I’m enjoying from letting go of some this clutter is quickly a favorite thing too. I have a long way to go, but the game is very motivating. I’m not even taking a systematic approach. Whatever area needs or catches my attention or needs cleaning at the time, I go at it and reduce the clutter and possessions in the process. I am focusing a bit more on my office/craft area but that was largely because I received some new things for Christmas that I have to make room for.

The whole time I’ve been decluttering I’ve been making my home smell good with Febreeze wax melts. I prefer wax melts to candles and asked for this set for Christmas. I’ve been using the “moonlight breeze” and it smells incredible.

Here are a few other random things I’ve discovered around the internet lately:

I hate the feeling of water running down my arms when I wash my face at the sink. I found this genius tip. Place sweatbands on your wrists when you wash your face and they will catch the run off. I haven’t tried it but thought it was a cool idea.

If you run hot while getting ready (me! I’m always running in from a workout and jumping in the shower before I can cool down and then I sweat the whole time I’m getting ready) place a small fan on the bathroom counter. I might just have to get one of these when I finish decluttering.

Does your purse strap slip off your shoulder? Mine does constantly, so these purse gummy slip stop pads just might be the answer.

Did you catch Wednesday post on Fun Galentine gifts? Don’t miss it.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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