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Fashion A to Z: N for necklines part 2

I’m back this week with part 2 of Fashion A to Z: N for Necklines. Today I’m sharing 7 more styles of necklines you may consider adding to your closet. You can find the first seven styles in last week’s post.

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1 Asymmetric neckline

An asymmetric neckline is any neckline that looks different on either side of the center front of the top or dress. It doesn’t follow the same curve from the center on both sides. Asymmetric necklines were popularized in the 80s and are a great way to feature neck and shoulders. This neckline can be flattering to many body types as it draw the eye up and away from problem areas.

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2 Keyhole neckline – simply put, it’s a neckline in the shape of a keyhole. The keyhole is formed by a cutaway in the center of the collarbone. This neckline flatters a small bust. It’s also one of those styles of necklines suited for body types that want to draw the eye upward. I really like this neckline because it adds a little detail and interest without being too fussy.

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3 Mockneck– much like a turtleneck, without the fold. This neckline works better for shorter necks. Those with longer necks may want to stick with a turtleneck.

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4 Off shoulder

This neckline typically ends on your upper arms, revealing the shoulder, collarbone and the neck. The off shoulder neckine works well for hourglass, pear, apple and rectangle body shapes. It shows off a nice collar and shoulder area, and it also flatters those with a wider neck.

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5 Scoop

The scoop begins at the shoulder with two broad straps at each each end. Then it dips downwards. The neckline forms a deep U shape that typically ends right above the bust. This is a deep U neckline which is wider than the base of the neck. It is suitable to almost all body shapes, face shapes, depending on the depth of the neckline. 

Many body flaws can be camouflaged by this neckline – a too wide shoulder can be de-emphasized with this neckline; it can make a short neck look elongated. 

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6 Square neck

A square cut angular neckline revealing your collarbone and neck. It broadens the shoulder, balances the roundness of the face with angular style, and elongates the neck.

square neck blousePin

7 Sweetheart

A plunging neckline, defined by two curved edges with a plunging point at the middle, resembling the top part of a heart. Not often found in casual wear, but it is very popular with wedding gowns and formals.

sweetheart necklinePin

What’s your favorite neckline?

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