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Fashion A to Z: L for Leggings

Leggings- you probably love them or hate them. You may be part of the “leggings aren’t pants” camp, but nonetheless, these stretchy comfy wonders have become widely accepted as pants. I’ve even noticed a lot of younger women and bloggers not bothering to wear a long shirt with them.

You won’t see me doing that. I will continue to go for more coverage when I wear them. You should stick with a nice thick pair as well. If they are too thin, you will be bordering on wearing tights, which definitely aren’t pants.


The History of Leggings

Regardless of how you feel about these tights turned pants, did you know that men were the first to wear them? They date all the way back to 14th century Scotland. Men wore them as two separate leg coverings that later morphed into garments like tights. Women finally began wearing their own version in the 19th century.

Lycra (spandex) was invented in 1958 and Dupont made the first pair of lycra leggings in 1959. 60s fashion designers embraced them. The 70s brought a high waisted version called “disco pants” thanks to Sandy in Grease and Charlie’s Angels. The 80s brought a craze for workout wear and leggings were even more acceptable. Madonna wore them with everything.

Who remembers stirrup pants? The late 80s and early 90s brought them into the scene. I had them, wore them and hated them, but wore them anyway because they were in style. I’m so glad I no longer adopt styles I dislike just because it’s “in style.”

Leggings went out of style for a little while but came back around 2005, and now they are stronger than ever. You can see iconic figures sporting them through the decades in this article.

Leggings can be dressed up or down. I highly recommend a good pair of black high waisted leggings that shape and hold it all in. 90 Degree by Reflex are my favorite.

I don’t wear these to work out, but you could. I reserve these just for wearing when I want to be super comfortable. I also really enjoy my faux leather leggings. I haven’t splurged for Spanx yet because I found a pair by Hue for half the price that serve me just as well.

Here are nine ways to wear leggings.

I’m partial to black, but a pair in a color would work as well. They should be part of your fall wardrobe essentials.

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Dressed up – When I want to create a dressier look with leggings, I always reach for my tall boots.



Tshirt + cardigan + leggings + scarf


Same formula as above

winter plaid scarf outfitPin

Of course, ankle boots work too, especially with a faux leather pair.

with tunic top+ankle boots

faux leather leggings and leopard ankle bootsPin

Dressed down/ more casual When I’m dressing down a pair, I reach for sneakers.

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Tshirt or tunic/sweatshirt + vest+leggings

Go for sporty vibes with sneakers and a puffer vest.

casual leggings outfit for women over 40Pin

with Tunic + puffer vest

casual leggings and vest outfitPin

Sweatshirt + cardigan + scarf +leggings

faux leather leggings and sweatshirt outfit, fashion over 40Pin

Got a dress that’s a bit too short? Or is it too cold for a dress? Add a pair under your dress.

Under a dress

fall dressPin

Patterned leggings can be fun too. I added a couple of patterned pair to my workout attire, and I wear them both for working out and just running errands. Throw a tunic sweater on with them and you’ve got an atheleisure outfit appropriate for a laid back day.

Tunic sweater + leggings

Old Navy tunic sweater and camo floral leggingsPin


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