Fashion A to Z: Herringbone

This week’s edition of fashion A to Z is all about herringbone. It’s a fun textile pattern, but did you know it originated with the Ancient Roman Empire in their roadways? They were inspired by the herring fish’s shapes and patterns and used it in their road building.

herringbone outfits

The pattern later worked it’s way into fabrics and men’s suits, but it’s also found in women’s clothing. Herringbone has a distinctive v- shape or broken zig zag pattern. It differs from chevron by a break in reversal.

Perhaps one of the most popular herringbone pieces for women was the JCrew herringbone vest from a few years ago. While this particular vest is not trending at the moment, I don’t consider it out of style. Puffy and quilted vests are still very much in.

black jeans and herringbone vest outfit

Herringbone is such a subtle pattern so it’s easy to mix with other prints like buffalo plaid in the same color family. I threw in some snakeskin too for more pattern mixing.

herringbone vest and snakeskin boots with black jeans outfit

Sweater- JCP; jeans- Nordstrom; vest- JCrew Factory- old; option; scarf- Nordstrom/ old; option; option belt- Amazon; boots- Nordstrom; option option earrings- Kendra Scott

buffalo plaid scarf with herringbone vest

Herringbone pattern can be found on blazers and trousers or bottoms like these ponte knit pants/leggings. From a distance this smaller pattern looks like a solid color, so they are very easy to style. I paired them with a tunic top and a long cardigan.

ponte pants outfit
ponte herringbone pants

Sweater- Old Navy; option; tunic top- Target; option; pants/leggings- Amazon; boots- Target/old; option; necklace- Kendra Scott; earrings- Kendra Scott

Do you have any herringbone in your wardrobe?

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