Fashion A to Z: G for Gingham

This edition of Fashon A to Z is all about gingham fabric.

Gingham- a striped or checked, yarn-dyed cotton fabric. The name comes from the Malay word genggang, meaning “striped,” and from the French guingan, used by the Bretons to signify cloth made from striped coloring. Medium or fine yarns of varying quality are used to obtain the plain, checked, or striped effects. The warp and the weft, or filling, may be the same, even-sided and balanced. (source)

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Gingham fabric was exported to Europe in the 17th century and then later to the United States. In the mid-18th century, American textile mills began producing the fabric and opted for the UK checked pattern as opposed to the original stripes. The print soon became as American as apple pie.

The fabric is used everywhere from home decor to fashion. It is a timeless, basic pattern that will never go out of style. It works well for both men and women’s clothing.

This print transcends all seasons. Let’s take a look at some gingham clothing items and ways to style them across all of the seasons.

Navy gingham shirt

A navy (or black) gingham shirt works well for fall and winter, but can be worn in spring and summer too. As seen below, it can also be worn to the office. Gingham also mixes well with leopard if you are into pattern mixing.

Gingham shirt styled 5 ways

Gingham Blazer

A gingham blazer also works well for all seasons. Pair it with white and bright colors for summer and with black and red for fall and winter. Gingham is also a great print for pattern mixing with florals. I’ve always worn my blazer to the office, but it would work with jeans too.

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Gingham blazer outfits for the office

I have other items in this fun print, including shorts, a skirt, a dress and shoes. Scroll through the archives for more inspiration.

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5 ways to wear a navy gingham shirt
5 ways to style a gingham blazer

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