The 10 Best 2022 Fall Fashion Trends For Women Over 40

 Fall brings lots of great fashion and new trends but for some it can bring a little stress over what to shop for and what to wear. If you’re over 40, you might wonder how you can incorporate the fall trends without looking out of place.

Don’t worry. There are plenty of trends that are age appropriate. These are the best 2022 fall fashion trends for women over 40.

2022 Fall Fashion Trends for Women Over 40

Bomber Jackets

bomber jacket fall trend 2022

Bomber Jacket- Banana Republic Factory

Bomber jackets ebb and flow in popularity for spring and fall. They are back as a 2022 fall fashion trend. This year they are slightly oversized, but if you don’t find oversized clothing flattering, you can still participate in the trend.

A jacket is a fall wardrobe essential. A bomber jacket can give a cool vibe to an outfit. It also brings a touch of youthfulness.

Wear a bomber jacket in a casaul fall outfit with jeans and a tee, wear it with jogggers for an athleisure look, or toss it on with a dress.

The jacket I’m wearing is lightweight and perfect for warm falls. You can find them in all types of fabrics.

bomber jacket outfit

Jacket- Banana Republic Factory; necklace- JCrew Factory; earrings- JCrew Factory; lug sole boots- Mia/similar; jeans- Old Navy; tee- Target

Lug Soles

Lug sole boots and chunky lug sole loafers are super popular. Both are easy to wear. Lug soles are a carry over trend from the past couple of years and a very viable as one of the 2022 fall fashion trends.

Remember to keep balance in your outfits because they can add some visual weight since they are a little bulkier than other shoes.

These off white lug sole loafers are from Target and super comfortable.

lug sole loafers skirt outfit

Cardigan- Old Navy

lug sole boots outfit

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Sweater Vests

Sweater vests were popular last year and they are back! I’ve seen them at all the popular retailers. They are great transitional pieces and I’ve seen some that can be worn by themselves.

Old Navy Sweater Vest Outfit

Flare Jeans

While there are lots of denim styles available, flare jeans are in the spotlight this fall. I’m all for it. Most will require you to wear a heel-heeled boots, wedges, or clogs, but they can be very slimming. Flares will also lengthen the legs.

This pair is very affordable by Caslon from Nordstrom. I will add a little more heel when I wear them again to elimate the bunching you see. This pair is very soft and comfortable.

flare leg jeans outfit for women over 40

Cardigan- Old Navy; jeans- Nordstrom

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Leather/faux leather

Faux leather pants were a huge trend last year and they are still going strong. Faux leather blazers and skirts are also trending this year.

Add some polish and youthfulness to an outfit by choosing one piece in leather or faux leather. Wear it the same as you would a non leather version of the item.

faux leather pants outfit

pants- similar; top- Amazon

Wide leg trousers/ jeans

This trend will favor those with wide hips and pear shaped bodies. It will also work better for those who are a little taller. Body type, not age, should be the determining factor in deciding to try this trend. When paired with the right tops, wide leg trousers can be very chic.

wide leg trousers
Pants- Nordstrom

Chunky Chains

Chain link necklaces have been popular the past coupld of years and they are getting chunkier for fall 2022. Wear them in colorful version, tortoise or gold.

chukny chain necklace

Necklace- JCrew Factory; earrings- JCrew Factory

Shades of Brown

There are several top trending fall colors for 2022, but you will see a lot of browns. If you like your fall colors to be more traditional, this is your trend.

The White Tank

Sometimes something as basic and essential as a white tank can become a trend. Wearing a white tank and jeans for early fall is very trendy right now. Later, wear it as a fitted base layer under jackets, blazers, and button up shirts.

White Boots

White boot have been increasing in popularity over the past couple of years as well. This year I’m ready to fully embrace them. White ankle boots are everywhere. Dip your toes into two trends at once by picking a western style of white ankle boots.

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white ankle boots 2022 Fall Fashion Trends

Denim jacket- Old Navy; dress- Amazon; boots-similar

Age should never be a factor in deciding to add a few trends to your wardrobe. You are never too old. You look like you are trying too hard when you pile too many trends into one outfit. Pick one or two per outfit. Any of these ten 2022 fall fashion trends will work for women over 40.

You don’t have to try every trend. Remember to stick to your unique personal style.

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