Exposed! 9 Stylish Types of Swimsuit Cover Ups to Make Your Next Beach Trip Amazing

Beach season is upon us. Not only do you need a great, flattering swimsuit, but you need stylish and cute swimsuit cover ups as well. There will come a time when you have had enough of the sun and want to cover some skin, or to cover up for the sake of modesty when passing from your resort lobby or the beach parking lot to the beach or pool.

There is no need to sacrifice personal style when choosing a swimsuit cover up as they come in lots of varieties and options.

swimsuit cover ups

Things to Consider When Choosing a Swim Cover Up

Material –cotton, viscose or rayon are all lightweight and will be the most comfortable in the heat. Also, do you want the fabric to be sheer so a bit of your swimwear can be seen, or do you want the cover up to be  stylish piece on its own?

Your personal style and comfort level– How much skin are you comfortable exposing when passing through a resort lobby or down the boardwalk from the parking lot to the beach? Do you want a long cover up to fully cover, or a short one to show off your gorgeous legs?

Don’t hide in your cover up– Find one that works with your body type and still shows off your curves and shape. Wearing an oversized cover up that looks like a tent will only make you look bigger.

Types of cute swimsuit cover ups

1.The kimono

kimono as a swimsuit cover up

Kimono- option/ swimsuit/ sandals

The kimono is a versatile piece that can be worn as a beach cover up or as a casual topper for summer outfits.

A unique and stylish way to cover up, the kimono is perfect for throwing over your bikini or swimsuit when you want to head to the beach bar or go for a walk on the boardwalk. Later it can be worn with a tank top and shorts as part of your cute beach outfit.

2. The classic sarong

sarong swimsuit cover up

Swimsuit/ Sarong/ Sandals
A sarong is a must-have for any woman who loves to hit the beach or pool. It’s a long tube of fabric that can be worn as a skirt, a dress, or even a scarf. It’s perfect for covering up your swimsuit after a dip in the pool or relaxing in the sun.

Sarongs are a popular choice for beach cover ups  and resort cover ups because they offer a lot of coverage while still being lightweight and comfortable. There are also shorter versions.

The sarong is great for pear shaped women as the focus can still be on the upper body and those cute details that bring the eye up. Old Navy offers an affordable option on a cotton floral print sarong. With three floral prints to choose from, one is sure to coordinate with your swimwear and give the tropical vibes you are looking for.

3. The trendy tunic

tunic swimsuit cover up

The tunic is a trendy and stylish option for cute swimsuit coverups. It’s perfect for throwing over your bikini when you want to head to the beach club or go for a walk on the sand.

The tunic is perfect for those who want a little more coverage at the beach, but don’t let your beach tunic be shapeless. Many of them come with a drawstring waist to maintain shape, like this vibrant cover up tunic from Amazon.

4. The dress as swimsuit cover ups

tshirt dress as swimsuit cover up

Short or long, a summer dress can double as your cute swimsuit cover up and take you straight from poolside to dinner. Be mindful that some swimsuit dress cover ups are too thin to be work on their own as a dress, but a cute tshirt dress that’s meant to be a dress always makes a cute beach cover up. 

A maxi dress is a great option for a beach cover up because it’s comfortable and stylish. It’s perfect for wearing over your swimsuit when you want to go for an evening walk on the beach or to dinner at the poolside bar and grill.

5. The caftan

CAFTAN swimsuit cover up

A bohemian classic, the caftan, or kaftan is perfect for those who want to add a little bit of luxury to their beach look. Floaty and airy, this cover up will make you feel like a goddess on vacation. A caftan makes an elegant resort cover up.

Caftans are perfect for those who want more coverage than a tunic or sarong offers.  They tend to have wider sleeves than tunics or dresses and they’re usually made from heavier fabrics, making them ideal for cooler days or evenings. Caftans often have embellishments such as beads or sequins, making them more festive than other choices.

6. Shirt swimsuit cover ups

shirt cover up

A shirt cover up provides more coverage sun protection than a kimono but still looks very chic. Some are designed slightly sheer so you can still show off your swimsuit.

You can always grab an oversized button up shirt from your closet.

7. Beach trousers

beach pants

You don’t normally think of wearing pants to the beach, and not for a swimsuit cover up, but they are a chic option, especially if you are trying to protect your skin from the sun.

You can opt for regular wide leg linen or cotton pants, or grab a pair of split-leg or sheer beach cover up pants. These are also a great option for pear shaped bodies as the wide legs help balance your look.

8. Rompers As Swimsuit Cover Ups

A simple romper can make the ultimate cute swimsuit cover up.

Again, some are designed to be cover ups and some are designed to be worn on their own. If you want one that does double duty, get one you can wear as one of your cute vacation outfits when you don’t need a swimsuit cover up.

9. SPF cover up

For extra sun protection, choose a cover up or garment with built in SPF.

What clothes can you wear over a bathing suit?

If you want your wardrobe to pull double duty and don’t want to invest in a separate swimsuit cover ups, a number of things from your closet will work as swimsuit cover ups.

Wear your denim shorts and a tank top over your bathing suit. Throw on a cute dress, wear a long button up shirt or wear some pull on shorts over your suit. As mentioned, rompers work well for cute swimsuit coverups.