An Easy Spring Outfit Formula for When It’s Still Chilly

It happens to all of us. You get excited for spring, for warmer days, bare toes and legs, but then it doesn’t quite happen that way. There’s still a chill in the air or there’s rain, and it just doesn’t quite fit the fantasy you had about skirts and sandals.

So, what to wear? It is spring, and it’s time for a change from the winter layers. Keep reading for an easy spring outfit formula for those chilly days.

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spring outfit with jacket, scarf and sweater

Easy Spring Outfit Formula-Lightweight bright sweater+ light utility jacket+ jeans+scarf+flats

Start with a lightweight sweater and jeans. It is spring and we aren’t talking about dressing for bitter cold anymore, just a slight chill, so forego the heavy, chunky sweater for a thin, smoother sweater in a bright color. Pair your lightweight sweater with a fun silhouette like crop flare jeans. Of course, regular jeans will do. Pick some cute flats. Add a light utility jacket and a floral scarf to knock off the chill. A good lightweight jacket is a must have piece for your spring wardrobe, along with a lightweight sweater. A lightweight sweater is great for layering under jackets and blazers, and for throwing on with shorts or cropped pants for a chilly evening too.

navy utility jacket with sweater and scarf
spring outfit formulas for when its still chilly
floral scarf

Jacket- Old Navy (old); option option option option sweater- JCrew Factory; jeans- Nordstrom; option flats- Belk; option scarf- Gap (old); option option earrings- Amazon

At first that might seem like a complicated formula, but really it’s not. It can be further simplified to sweater+jeans+topper+scarf+flats. You don’t have to go with a bright sweater- it can be pastel or neutral. You don’t have to go with a floral scarf, but it should be a flowy, lighter patterned scarf for spring vibes. The key is lightweight pieces and layers that work together to ward off a spring chill, but still give spring vibes. And if it warms up during the day, you can easily remove a layer.

I’ve discovered that my favorite wedge pumps are available at DSW in four colors, including a light brown and taupe that would be perfect for spring. I’m talking about the black ones I’m wearing here and wear ALL the time. They are comfortable and give me some heel but are much sturdier than traditional heels. I picked mine up a few years ago from TJMaxx but these are the same brand and style. I had to share these with you. If budget permits, I may be picking up another pair.

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