5 Cute Casual Valentine’s Day Outfits to Make the Day Special

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do you have a fancy date night out for a fancy dinner? or A casual day date in a laid back environment? Perhaps COVID has prevented you from the fancy Valentine’s Dinner out and you will be staying in or at least keeping things more casual. Need outfit ideas? You can still dress in a way to make the occasion feel special. I’ve got ideas for 5 cute casual Valentine’s Day outfits for you.

Nothing makes you feel more dressed up for an occasion than a dress.

Choose a soft pink sweater dress with booties to keep things on the casual side. Save the semi formal, cocktail, and formal dresses for the times when you can go out to the fancy restaurant.

pink sweater dress for casual Valentines day outfit

LOOK 1: Dress- Amazon; Booties- Blondosimilar; Clutch- Similar; necklace- Kendra Scott

Note: This dress also comes in dusty rose and burgundy colors that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day.

A pink outfit for ladies on a casual date is a good choice over something more racy like red. If you are just out for companionship and a relaxing date, pink can send the message that it’s just a friendly date. If it’s more than a casual date, you can still wear pink and keep the racier part of the outfit under the dress for later.

A sweater dress is perfect for wearing for the rest of winter too, not just Valentine’s Day.

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There is nothing wrong with keeping things simple with a sweater and skinny jeans.

fair isle sweater and skinny jeans outfit

LOOK 2: Sweater- old; option; jeans- NYDJ; booties- option; option; earrings- Rocksbox

Cute casual Valentine’s Day outfits can be as simple as skinny jeans (or your favorite cut of jeans) and a sweater. Too often we try too hard on an outfit, particularly if a date or special occasion is involved. When we try too hard, we end up in an outfit that we fidget with and are uncomfortable with. The most attractive outfit includes a smile and confidence, so choose something you are confident in. There is no needed for added stress when choosing an outfit. When asking yourself “What should I wear on Valentine’s Day?” remember to think simple first.

Go for balance when wearing skinny jeans. Opt for a chunky sweater or looser top when wearing more fitted bottoms. The key to looking chic and stylish in a simple outfit is balance and fit. If your clothing fits properly, you can look stunning in jeans and a tshirt.

I chose this fair isle sweater because it has some pinks and reds but it doesn’t scream “Valentine’s Day.” Of course you can choose a solid sweater or one with a heart print. It’s also a little more chunky, creating a little balance. The pattern on it draws the eye up.

Note: These fun open circle stud earrings have been my go to earrings lately. They came in my Rocksbox set this month. The shades of pink make quite a pop and I’ve been choosing stud earrings to make taking a mask on and off easier. Try out Rocksbox for one month free with code FONDABFF.

A tunic sweater and faux leather leggings make a great Valentine’s Day outfit.

cute casual Valentine's Day outfit with tunic sweater and leggings

LOOK 3: Sweater- Old Navy; leggings- Hue; option; peep toe booties- Cole Haan- option; Bracelet- Victoria Emerson; earrings- option; purse- Kohls option

To create a cozy Valentine’s Day outfit, choose leggings. You’re probably already living in them, so don’t let date night stop you. Spice it up with faux leather leggings. A tunic sweater will keep you toasty and will be an appropriate length for leggings. If faux leather leggings are out of your comfort level, you can create this outfit with regular black leggings. Just step it up a bit with accessories.

Note: My leggings are a little too long for these booties, so I turned them under. You can always do this with leggings and skinny jeans if you need to adjust the length and don’t want to cuff them. No one will notice!

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A camisole is always a good pick for a Valentine’s outfit.

Top a camisole with a blazer, but keep it casual with jeans.

dressy casual Valentines Day outfits with jeans and blazer

LOOK 4: Blazer- Loft; option; option option camisole- Nordstrom; jeans- Old Navy; shoes- Target; option; option; belt- Amazon; necklace- Kendra Scott; earrings- Kendra Scott

Tuck a silky lace trimmed cami into your jeans and blouse it back out a bit. Top it with a blazer for an outfit that is still modest but a little sexy. A blazer and cami is also a good outfit choice if you are going straight form the office to dinner or drinks. You will easily be date night ready with these pieces.

A lace trimmed cami is a sweet romantic option, but if blazers aren’t your style, top it with a cozy cardigan. You can also wear your cami under a low cut sweater.

You can choose any blazer for this outfit idea, but it’s always fun to wear a little leopard or animal print for Valentine’s day. Leopard adds a little edge to an outfit. Keep accessories simple and dainty and let the leopard blazer be the statement piece.

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If you are going on a casual daytime outing, choose joggers and a hoodie for a cute casual Valentine’s Day outfit.

Make it holiday appropriate with a pink or red hoodie, or a hoodie with hearts. Nothing demands that you be super dressed up for Valentine’s Day. If it’s a casual outing with your significant other or friends, you can stay comfy and cozy in your joggers.

Cute casual Valentine's Day outfits with joggers and hoodies

LOOK 5: Denim jacket- Old Navy; hoodie- Walmart; joggers- Levis via Amazon; sneakers- JCrew Factory

Not into camo? Create this look with olive joggers. Choose woven joggers to elevate things over the soft knit ones you have been wearing around the house.

What to wear on Valentine’s Day if it’s cold?

You can adapt all of the above looks to colder weather.

Add a silky base layer like a Cuddl Duds climatesmart top under your sweaters. Cuddle Duds is even making body suits that would be a great base layer.

Add tights (fleece lined if it’s really cold) under dresses.

Swap ankle boots for tall or over the knee boots.

Top your outfit with a warm overcoat. A bright red or hot pink coat would be a fun option. (Learn about why you should have a statement coat in your wardrobe.

Bundle up in whatever keeps you warm, but add a red lipstick!

If you aren’t going out at all, or you are being treated to breakfast in bed, by all means don some cute heart print pajamas. No one will judge!

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What do you think of these 5 cute casual Valentine’s Day outfits?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Will you be wearing anything similar for the occasion? How do you celebrate?

We haven’t made any plans yet and I haven’t given any thought to what I will wear, but I’m certain I’ll rely on one of the above formulas, even for staying home.

5 cute casual Valentine's Day Outfits