A collection of lifestyle articles about things that affect style and beauty inside and out, and anything not fashion related. It all goes hand and hand. To attain outer beauty, you need to work on inner beauty and vice versa. From the foods we put into our bodies to the thoughts we put into our minds, we get results that reflect in our outward appearance. What we put into our bodies and minds affects our outward appearance as much as the clothes we wear and the things we do to the outside. Topics include health, nutrition, fitness, sleep, self care, self development, stress and self awareness. You may also find articles about styling your home or other areas of your lifestyle. Things that bring happiness and peace are are part of a satisfying lifestyle.

June Book Reviews

I didn’t like some of the books I read in June as much as what I read in May, but it was still a good month. I still have a goal to read one non-fiction…

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My Holiday Home Christmas Decor

Welcome to my Holiday Home! I kept things relatively simple this year, using many of the same Christmas decor items I used last year. However, I always seem to arrange things differently from year to…

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