The best jeans for fall and winter outfits

We are always looking for that holy grail pair of jeans. The ones that fit just right, hug all the curves or create them if you don’t have them, suck in the ones you don’t won’t to display. Once you find the fit, what about color? What are the best jeans for fall and winter?

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While a great shade of blue denim will work with any situation, I encourage you to consider a grey pair of jeans for fall winter. I’ve had this pair for a couple of years.

They don’t see much wear during the spring and summer, but come fall and winter, they become a go to. I’ve actually had grey jeans in my closet for years, but replaced an old pair with this pair a couple of years ago.

grey jeans outfit, best jeans for fall and winter
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Cardigan – Old Navy  longer version  longer version  longer version

grey jeans- NYDJ  option option  option

print blouse- Nordstrom option option option

mules- option


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necklace- option

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This particular pair is from NYDJ. I’ll admit it’s the most money I’ve ever spent for jeans, and I never even spend full price for them. I wait until they are on sale and I get them for around $80-$85.

I do think you get what you pay for, and if I could wear jeans daily, I’d probably spend more now that I’m able to do so. Years past I wasn’t blessed with the income I have now, so everything I bought had to be budget friendly and $40 for jeans was a lot for me. NYDJ fullfil their promise to lift and tuck.

They have an ample back rise which means a curvy rear is amply covered. They run true to size. If their description says they will stretch, order one size down, then do heed their advice. If they don’t include that, order your regular size. I’ve learned this the hard way. It has to do with fabric content and every cut and pair is not quite the same blend of fabrics. Some are stretchier than others. This is in no way a sponsored post from NYDJ- I’m just sharing my experience with you.

Regardless of your brand preference, I encourage you to add a pair of grey jeans. They make the best jeans for fall and winter. Grey jeans are the perfect winter shade. They pair beautifully with other greys for a monochromatic outfit, and work well with white or cream too. For the fall, they work great with fall colors and they pop with black in outfits like these. I love the coral/ pink color in this top and chose rose gold jewelry to compliment it.

If you want to try a great pair of grey jeans second hand, I have a pair in my Poshmark closet. They fit true to size. They were just too long for me, and I got tired of the cuffed look .

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