April Purchases: Amazon beauty supplies

It’s the last day of April! Where did this month go? I spent a lot last month on clothing, so this month I focused on hair and beauty products that I needed to replace that I was running out of. I was also searching for a less expensive alternative to some of them.

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Amazon expenses less expensive alternative

1 – Gochic ruffle sleeve peplum top Super cute top I got on a lightening deal. Another online friend in a facebook group also got one and said it came apart at the seams before the first washing. Mine has survived a washing and is still holding up. There is some risk in most all of the cheaper Amazon clothing purchases, but so far, mine is worth the money. You can see me wearing it here.

2- Forest Leaf Collagen peptides– I started out with Vital Proteins collagen in mid February. It lasted about two months. I was using one scoop per day instead of two. I read about this brand from another blogger and decided to try it as a less expensive alternative. In the two months I used the other, I did not see a major difference in joints, skin or nails, but since I was only using one scoop a day, I decided to continue and see if I get results over a little longer period of time. I am also using two scoops per day now that I have the less expensive Forest Leaf brand. It is not as finely ground as Vital Proteins, but completely dissolves in my coffee just the same. No weird aftertaste.

3- Vitamin E oil I read about the wonders of this stuff from other bloggers. I have been having allergic reactions to something in one or some of my products so I have discontinued use of all eye creams and moisturizers. Now that the rash I was having on my eyelids seems to be gone again, I am introducing this to my skin care. I have only used it a couple of days so I can’t speak to any results yet. It’s super thick and a little difficult to spread into the skin, but still usable.

4- Kenra Volume Spray #25– I love this stuff and was running out. I usually buy it from Ulta but I’m on the outs with Ulta right now so I searched Amazon as another source to buy this spray. I found this two pack deal! When it arrived one of the lids was broken and the spray nozzle was broken. Amazon not only replaced the damaged bottle, they sent another two pack! I’m set for a while on hair spray. I don’t need the volume but use this because it holds without stiffness and I can restyle my hair for three or four days without washing it.

5- L’Oreal Paris Make Up Foundation Shaping Stick– A contouring stick is one of the beauty products I use almost daily. I ordered this as a less expensive alternative to the Hoola contouring stick I previously used. I could use a lighter shade but it wasn’t available when I bought this. This one still blends well. I use it to contour cheeks and my nose.

6- NYX Professional Makeup Wonder Pencil I bought this to highlight my brows. I previously used Maybelline brow precise, but once it gets low it’s not so precise. I can get cleaner, finer lines and highlighting with the pencil.

I also replaced my old white Loft straight leg jeans with a pair of white skinny jeans from Loft. My old ones did not hold their shape anymore, but since I got around 7 years of wear from the old ones, I didn’t think I could go wrong with Loft jeans again.

What fun things did you buy this month? Do you switch up and look for a less expensive alternative at times with your products?

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