Amazon Prime Purchases for February 2022

January was a slow month for purchases, but I made up for it in February. Decluttering the house in January made me start looking at all of the things that we use but need to replace. As I took a hard look at what we use and don’t use, I began to realize  that there were things I needed to replace and some things I needed that I had been putting off purchasing for no good reason.  This resulted in some extra spending in February, mostly small scale but it all adds up.

Amazon Prime Purchases

Vegetable brush– I have been trying to get by without one for a while, but it’s a helpful tool to have in the kitchen. I decided to give this flexible silicone brush a try because my husband has a muscle/joint disease and this one should be easier for him to hold and use. It’s definitely gentler on the joints than holding a stiff brush.

Parchment paper baking cups– I ran out of these and needed more. We follow a gluten free diet and most gluten free flours tend to stick easier that regular flours, so these parchment paper liner are perfect for our baking needs.

Milani Stay Put Brow Color– My old eye brow gel was drying out and in need of replacement. So far I have been impressed with how easy this gel is to apply. The allergy ratings also meet my criteria for being safe for my eyelids.

InnerNeed Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush– The dermatologist told me to stop using a washcloth to wash my face because it could be contaminated with soap or laundry residue that was contributing to my dermatitis. I could not adjust to that and I like to have something to exfoliate my skin from time to time, so I decide to order these. They are gentle to the skin but I feel like I’m getting cleaner that just soap and hands, and these are easy to wash.

Real Techniques Eyeshadow Brush SetI use these brushes frequently and decided I should replace them for fear that my older set was contaminated with  some of the ingredients that cause contact dermatitis on my eyelid.

I also replaced my Beauty Blender but I picked it up, along with It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer, from Ulta. The concealer rates pretty high as far as being allergy free and it gets the job done, but it’s not my favorite.

I also decided to grap another sponge/blender so I could use one just for my concealor and eye area, and use another one for foundation and powder in case there was an issue with cross contamination or another product. I picked up a Real Techniques sponge from Target. The Beauty Blender is still my favorite.

Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner– Our dishwasher was in need of a good cleaning. I have heard good things about these cleaning tablets so I gave them a try. My dishwasher was shiny and clean inside after running a cycle with these.

Beautural Steamer My heavy duty Shark steamer bit the dust months and months ago and I have been limping along with my travel steamer. Replacing this item was long overdue! This thing is amazing. It does not drip or leak and you can turn it sideways to use it as well as straight up and down.

Green Pan 12” skillet– This is another item that I waited far too long to replace. Normally food slides out without sticking, but the finish was worn and it was becoming difficult to clean.  It had been used almost daily for four years. I finally decided to stop the scrubbing and replaced the pan. Now I’m back to easy stick free cooking and clean up.

Seagate 6TB External Hard drive My computer was long overdue a backup. In order to accomplish this and to keep a regular back up scheduled, I purchased this external hard drive.

Take a look at what I bought from Amazon Prime a year ago.

Can’t wait to see what you primed. Linking up with Tanya and Prime Purchases.