November Prime + The Best Amazon Finds of 2019

Don’t you just love to see what everyone purchases from Amazon? Along with the paper towels and pet supplies, there are so many neat things to be discovered. Amazon finds can be the best, or the not so best, so I love reading others reviews.

I also now have an Amazon storefront so be sure to check it out! I filled it with things and brands I have, love and use.

I didn’t do much Amazon shopping during the first part of the month but come last Friday, Black Friday, I rolled in the lightening deals and specials on some things that had been on my wish list.

Amazon finds and November purchases

1 Hanes long sleeve tee- I bought this as a sleep shirt to match some pink and grey flannel pajama pants I own. It was a bit snug in a medium so I returned it. I made a rare trip to Wal-mart in November and ended up buying a few of these as sleep shirts. They are super soft and comfy and I’d recommend them for layering tees for wearing too, not just sleeping.

2 Sojo sunglasses- I own these in tortoise/ brown and LOVE them. They popped up on a lightening deal early in November, so I snagged a pair in black marble.

3 Lisianthus felt hat- I love hats and have had these on my wish list for months. I snagged the camel and olive on lightening deal at $8.23. They are adjustable but the ribbon to adjust the camel one was pulled through on one end so I’ll be returning it for a replacement. You get what you pay for. It’s an $8 hat, cute for occasional wear. If it were a daily wear item, I’d look elsewhere and invest more.

4- TIJN blue light blocking glasses– Don’t waste your time with this brand. Mine arrived with scratches and spots that prevent me from seeing clearly so I can’t tell you if they work or not. I’ll be getting a refund for these. I have noticed my favorite brand of sunglasses has a blue light blocking pair so I may give those a try. The sunglasses are always great quality.

5 Lark and Row Side Knot detail blouse I ordered this in a medium. It’s basically a tee shirt, but one I can wear to the office.

6 Leopard tee– Another lightening deal. I tried a similar tee once and the quality was poor. There was a huge flaw in the material across the front. This one was okay but the shoulder seam on the left was sewn across the collar or instead of setting the collar/neckline in one solid piece they pieced it at the shoulder seam? Tacky. Returning and giving up on this item.

7 Pajama set– I’ve been uping my pajama game in 2019 and these have been on my watch/wish list for a while too. Another Black Friday deal. These are cute and comfy.

8 and 9 Bella got some stuff out of Black Friday too. A bionic bone and some sweet potato treats. If you have a power chewer, these bones hold up pretty well.

10- Makeup brush cleaner– This is a dry cleaner for temporary cleaning while applying makeup. I’m always brushing color off on a tissue so I thought why not? It’s washable and reusable.

My Best All Time Amazon finds of 2019

Best Amazon finds of 2019

These are in no particular order, just my favorite Amazon purchases of the year so far.

1 Tinkle eyebrow razors– I plunged into dermaplaning this year and these are the best little razors for that, and for keeping eyebrows neat. So much better than plucking.

2 Sojos sunglasses I love these! I own two pair now.

3- Daily Ritual sweater dress– Super soft and comfy. Daily Ritual is one of my favorite Amazon brands.

4 Half blanket scarf- Soft, cozy and much less bulky than a traditional blanket scarf. I have two of these. Can you tell I like soft?

5 Anker wireless mouse- I’m having a lot less trouble with my hands and pointer finger joints now that I switched to this mouse.

6 Micro USB phone charger– I needed a new charger for my phone. I wad this cord up and tote it around in my purse everyday and the cord has been so durable!

7 Dr Scholl’s Luna slip on sneaker– If you are a regular reader, you know I’ve been steady raving about these. So comfortable. Get a pair!

8- Circle belts I have no idea why I waited so long to purchase these! They look great with everything.

9 Hanging travel bag– I have wanted a more organized, smaller bag for travel for a while, and this one is close to perfect. Not perfect, but close!

10- Amazon essential terry capri joggers- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Living in these around the house, traveling and weekends.

11. Knee pads- These saved my knees when I cleaned our grout in the floors this summer so they had to make the list.

Not pictured

12 TruSkin Vitamin C serum– brightens the skin. It’s part of my daily routine.

13- Flower petal stud earrings– Sometimes I want to wear a stud, but still have a little pop of color and make a small statement. These are perfect.

14. Kimonos- This one and this one. Can’t wait to wear them again next summer.

15- Pot and lid organizer– My cabinet is in much better shape thanks to this thing and getting out the pots is now less stressful!

16 Spypoint trail camera– The hubby bought trail cameras this year. It’s been so much fun to see what kind of animals we have on our property.

17- My coffee warmer– It gets daily use!

You may want to check out My Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2018 too. I still have, love and use most of those things also.

What are your favorite Amazon finds?

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