All is Well That Ends Well

All is well that end’s well, right? That’s how the saying goes. This week’s Friday Favorites is pretty much a mixed bag of thoughts. Today is my birthday and my thoughts are all over the place.

womens summer outfit with floral top and white shorts

Top- JCrew Factory; shorts- Old Navy; shoes- yellow box; hat- similar; tote- similar

Are birthdays your favorite days? Or do you dread them? I’m kind of in the middle. They can be fun and I don’t dread them, but I don’t get over the top excited about them either. As I age, I’m thankful for another year and for the knowledge and maturity that comes with aging. I respect that my birthday is a big deal to my family. After all, it was a milestone in their lives to have a child. I have one older brother, so I guess I altered his life too, lol. I’m the youngest so there was no one else for me to adjust too, and since I have no children of my own, my perspective on birthdays is probably different.

I started out the day going to get a COVID test because one of my coworkers has tested positive and we were all in a meeting Tuesday. Our employer wanted us tested by Sunday if we were exposed. I also wanted results before showing up to an eye appointment and possibly exposing those folks. I am negative for COVID, so all is well that ends well.

The eye exam was a follow up to the exam I had a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t get my eyes dilated then so I had to go back and get that done. I also had to take back the new glasses I got last week that were prescribed during the first visit. Progressive bifocals that I absolutely could not wear. I could see better without them than with them. I don’t know where this went so wrong but I was pretty shocked when I went in with only a complaint of not being able to read small print, and we are talking tiny print smaller than the exam print, and came out with a prescription for bifocals. I know I’m a year older today but up to the last two or three years, I’ve had 20/20 vision and suddenly I need bifocals? I’ve never even worn reading glasses. How in the h-e- double hockey sticks did we end up here?

I accepted it and gave the glasses a try, but obviously the doctor was wrong. The only other thing she really found wrong the first time was some issue with distance, and I mean far away, but my “normal” distance vision is fine. I felt like I was on a tilt-a-whirl ride for two or three days. After another consultation, I will be getting a prescription for reading glasses only. A $300+ dollar pair of reading glasses because I’ve already paid for the other prescrition. There is no charge for the new prescription but really? Anyway, I guess all is well that ends well, or at least has been put to rest. None of that makes my list of favorites, but hopefully the reading glasses will work and this will be put to rest.

Just for kicks, here ‘s a look at the glasses. You won’t be seeing them in outfit photos because I don’t need them for that or for general activities!

Now for some things that are more fun.

When the hubby gets home from work, he is baking me cupcakes. Now that makes a list of favorites. We recently tried out Pamela’s Vanilla Gluten Free Cake Mix and it’s so yummy. I used it to make a trifle for Fourth of July, so he will use it for the cupcakes. I’m not even sure what dinner is going to be- probably take out and an evening picnic. My only request is that I don’t cook it and I don’t wash dishes today!

I saw this neat reel on Instagram this week sharing ways to clean make up brushes. One way is to use your kitchen strainer. The kitchen strainer! I thought that was genius.

Speaking of Instagram, and really social media and blogging in general. It’s been tough recently! Hard to get followers, hard to get likes and engagement. Blog pageviews are down. Instagram says it’s not a photo sharing app anymore, and the trend is video. I don’t even like most reels I see. If they aren’t giving me something of value or a new idea like the one I just shared, I’m not impressed. I don’t really want to see someone jump and dance, especially those who can’t dance or look so uncomfortable or are dancing without moving their feet. C’mon people, MOVE a little. So many people are just making fools of themselves for ? what? a like? a dollar? **shaking my head**

Nonetheless, I’m giving it a try and have created a couple of reels of my own. I do like learning new things, I’m just not willing to make a fool of myself. If you see me doing that, kindly let me know to cut it out.

Let me know your thoughts. Are you on Instagram? Do you like reels? Do you prefer photos to reels, or both?

Ending on something positive, or maybe just weird, I have the song by Zac Brown Band “Free” stuck in my head. I’m in a mood to travel- just me and the husband and the dog. Maybe a cross country car camping trip. Chris Stapleton’s song “Starting Over” resonates with me right now too. Sometimes you just want a break from it all.

The photo at the top is pretty random too but the pieces in the outfit are favorites and my impatiens are growing like weeds and I love them. They are way bigger now than when I took that photo.

Have a great weekend.

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