9 to 5 Style: Video Conference

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what to wear for a video conference/ 9 to 5 style

Since many of us are working from home right now, I though it would be a good time for Jennie and I to discuss dressing for a video conference. Knowing what to wear for a video conference might be daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Read on for my tips, and be sure to visit Jennie to see what she suggests for a video conference.

We utilize video conferencing a lot at the office to communicate and have district wide meetings with other offices that are all one to two hours away. I’ve never even given a thought about what I’m wearing. Everyone is dressed in business attire since we are all at our respective offices and there is a table full of people appearing on screen. Now I find myself suddenly being on screen close up and it’s just me. Many of you may also find yourselves in this situation. Since the attention is fully on you, up close and personal, you may find yourself wondering what to wear and how to look your best during a video conference.

what to wear to court, what to wear for a virtual court hearing, work wear

First, consider the purpose of the video conference. Is this just a weekly check in with your office or team? It may be okay to go a little more on the casual side if it is understood and acceptable that people will be dressing down at home. However, you may be giving a presentation, having a formal board meeting, or in my case, having court, via video conference (VTC). Ask yourself how you would dress for the meeting if it were being held in person and not via video.

I have my first court hearing today via VTC so I chose a blazer and top that I would wear to the courtroom. In fact, our court sent out instructions to everyone that there be no eating, drinking, gum, excess background noise, etc. The judge expects this to run just like we are all in the courtroom together, so it’s natural that I’d dress the same way I would for court.

spring work outfit

Blazer-thrifted; top- TJMaxx; pants- Loft; shoes Steve Madden

I’m wearing trousers and not jeans since there may be a slight chance I would have to stand. It’s doubtful, but best to be prepared just in case. I’m not donning a full conservative suit but will still appear professional in a blazer and top.

Next, choose something that fits well and is comfortable. Being on camera might be a bit unsettling at first, so you don’t want to add to the discomfort by wearing clothes that are uncomfortable. Likewise, don’t wear something that you will fidget with the whole time.

Consider how the garment looks when seated. Does it cause odd wrinkles or rolls? A blazer or cardigan will help conceal some of this if your top doesn’t “sit” well. If you are worried about a button up gaping, choose a different top. I chose this button up because it has a placket that covers the buttons and doesn’t gap.

office outfit, professional video conference outfit

Wear a solid top in a color that flatters you. Don’t go too neutral or you might blend into the background or be washed out on camera. Overly dark or really bright colors don’t transfer well on camera either, but something will a little color is better than too dark or too light.

A patterned top could be worn, but don’t choose a busy or distracting pattern. Patterns work best in muted tones. Don’t pick a top with too many colors in the patterns. This top has a small stripe. Busy patterns may distract others.

Accessorize, but keep jewelry to a minimum. You want to appear as put together as you would if everyone were in the same room together, so wear your accessories, but don’t go overboard. Avoid large or dangling earrings that swing or move too much. That will be distracting on camera. Don’t wear anything too shiny or that catches light. This isn’t the time for it.

blue blazer video conference outfit

Earrings- Kendra Scott; necklace- Rocksbox

Last, wear a pair of shoes. I was recently told by someone that they don’t bother with shoes when working from home. While bare feet or slippers might be okay for day to day work, I recommend putting on a pair of shoes. Put on some flats that compliment your outfit. You don’t necessarily have to wear heels since you are sitting behind a camera, but shoes will signal your brain that you are fully dressed and ready for work. In the case of an important video conference, shoes may provide comfort and confidence. Being completely put together will help you portray total confidence.

I didn’t address hair and makeup, but please do your hair or makeup as you normally would for an in person meeting. For more tips on how to look good on video calls, check out Angie Hot and Flashy’s video.

I hope you found this helpful. Fashion A to Z will return next week.