5 Ways to Easily Camouflage Wide Hips

I suppose we should start with a discussion of what my body type is. Most of my life it’s been pear shape. I’ve always had larger hips/smaller waist and required what is now called a “curvy fit”, even when I was a kid. Back then, my mom bought regular pants and my grandmother took in the waist for me to get rid of that gap in the center back at the waist. Curvy friends, I bet you know exactly what I’m talking about?!

If you check too many body shape calculators, you will get conflicting results. I’ve come up with pear, banana, and spoon. What? Banana threw me off, but it’s based on the fact that my waist is 9 inches or less smaller than the bust/shouler and hip measurement. I have to admit my waist is getting a little wider as I age, but the common denominator in all of these types, especially pear and spoon, is that the hips are still the largest. (Thanks- I pretty much see that in the mirror everyday for myself, lol.)

Luckily, some of the same tricks work for each of those labels up there. Let’s look at 5 ways to slim and camouflage wide hips. Even if your hips aren’t wide, they are often the largest part of the body and these tips still apply for a well balanced look.

1. Draw the eye up. A bright colored necklace, a scarf, or some statement earrings will all help keep the focus on your top half. If you have followed me for very long, you have noticed that I almost always have on a necklace or scarf. This is particularly important when you want to wear something that is not your recommended best item, like the skinny ankle pants in the second photo below for me. Necklines like v necks and boatnecks also help accent the top half. I personally don’t like round scoop necks because I have round shoulders so I like a little contrast to keep from looking like one little round ball.

Business outfit with bright necklace to draw the eye up and away from wide hips.
V neck sweater and neck scarf outfit

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2. Choose tops that create volume on top.

Ruffle floral top to create volume on top to slim wide hips.

Ruffles, ruching, fringe and embellishments help add volume on top. Make sure any top or topper falls either above or past the largest part of your hips. A little volume on top will balance out the look of wide hips.

3. Accent the waist, or create one if you are in that banana/rectangle category. This is something I probably don’t do often enough. A fit and flare dress or skirt is your best friend. It will both create a waist and hide those wide hips.

yellow fit and flare dress

4. Wear darker colors on the bottom half. There is nothing more slimming than a black pair of pants, but don’t forget about navy, dark brown, and dark grey too. Whatever color you choose, make sure the bottom half is darker than the top half of your outfit.

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Black dress pants for slimming wide hips

5. Wear flared trousers and boot cut or flare leg jeans. Again, it’s about balancing out the volume. For color lovers like me who want to rebel against tip number 4, trouser leg pants are the life saver.

Trouser cut red pants with camel blazer and floral print top
Boot cut jeans and sweater outfit

Remember, these are just tips and not die hard rules. If you love something and feel good in it, go for it. I break these rules myself, especially when it comes to jackets and tops hitting at the right spot, but other factors like keeping the eye drawn up help me get away with it. Perhaps you like your curvy hips and they make you feel sexy. Show them off! Just because boot cut is my recommended cut doesn’t mean I’m giving up skinny jeans any time soon. I just make sure to add a little volume on top and/or wear tops that fall over my hips. I treat skinny jeans much like leggings anyway and cover up the bottom half much of the time.

Which feature do you choose to hide, or which one do you choose to show off?