5 Ways to Always Look Stylish and Put Together

Happy New Year! What are you looking forward to this year? Some of you may have a resolution to look more stylish or up your fashion game. There is nothing wrong with that!

Here are five tips to help you achieve your goal.

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Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

1. Plan. Yes, plan out your outfits. Go to your closet and put together some things you think will work. Try them on if necessary. Do this at the beginning of each week or at least each night before you go to bed. If I don’t pick out my clothes and accessories and prep them the night before, I end up running out the door looking a hot mess. The bottom line is you have to put some thought into this.

Don’t forget your completer pieces. A third piece like a vest, cardigan, or blazer really completes an outfit. Even a button up shirt can be a completer piece over a tank or t-shirt.  For more on completer pieces check out Greater Than Rubies- 10 Ways to Wear Completer Pieces  and Putting Me Together – Style 101: The Completer Piece.

Not sure? Browse Pinterest  for some capsule wardrobe ideas or outfit ideas or join a challenge like the GYPO Winter 2017 Style Challenge or the GYPO French Minimalist Wardrobe. You’ll get three to four weeks worth of outfits perfectly planned for you and shopping lists for the pieces if you need to add some things to your closet.

2. Accessorize. If you plan out your outfits, you will have time to think about what accessories work better. I have left for work so many times with nothing but plain earrings in the accessory department because I didn’t plan this part. When I went to reach for a necklace, it just didn’t work with the neckline of my blouse and I just didn’t have time to keep searching.

Accessories finish off and polish up a look. Jeans and a tee are just jeans and tee, but when you add a necklace and a cuff bracelet, you have an outfit. 

3. Wear proper undergarments. Yes, your unmentionables matter. Panty lines and bra straps are not stylish. One exception to bras and bra straps- a bralette under a low cut top or one with a wider lace strap under an off shoulder sweater can be quite attractive. I’m always on the look out for a better no show panty. Some that I’ve seen recommended are Soma Vanishing Edge, Natori Bliss and Jockey No Panty Line. I love Jockey slip shorts under dresses and pencil skirts.

4. Make sure your clothes fit properly. Get pants and sleeves hemmed if need be. Don’t wear baggy, loose fitting clothes just because you think you are carrying around too many holiday pounds. It only makes you look worse. Dress the body you have now. And…. just because they make it in your size, or your size ten years ago, doesn’t mean you should wear it. There is no shame in sizing up if it fits better. Anything that cuts or creases the body just doesn’t work. Size up. And about those unmentionables- make sure your bra fits properly and get refitted every couple of years when you replace them. You can prevent those “back fat rolls” with a proper fitting bra.

5. Iron or steam your clothing. Really, don’t be like my hubby who throws everything in the dryer with a damp cloth and calls it ironed. IT’S NOT! I have even seen bloggers who needed to take an iron or steamer to their clothing. Beautiful photos ruined by all those wrinkles. Every now and again I’m guilty because I didn’t catch a wrinkle here or there before shooting pics, but my steamer is my best friend! It removes wrinkles and keeps me from scorching certain materials with the iron. Invest in a steamer now. Go ahead and steam when you’ve completed step 1.

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What are your tips for looking put together and stylish?

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