30X30 choices

I’ve decided to do a 30×30 challenge during the month of September, strictly just for myself. I’ve always been a bit resistant to these challenges because I’ve never wanted to restrict myself in my choices. I find them boring too.  However, I’m at a point where I’m tired of staring at the closet and stressing over outfits so this will hopefully give me break and make the daily routine a little easier. I’ve already mixed and matched my thirty pieces into outfits and plugged them into a calender. If I need to switch up things based on daily activities then I will.

I’ve chosen some fall pieces since fall is coming, at least on the calendar. I’ve also chosen pieces that didn’t get their fair share of wear last season but can still be worn while the temps are warm to hot. I also had to consider that I will have two business casual days during September for training and a few more days off for personal family issues than I normally would during a month. Usually, my months would require more work clothing than casual, but I had to really think about this for this particular month. It has made it a little more challenging.

Here are my thirty pieces:

Tops (9)

1- Mustard cowl top
2-black and white stripe top
3-bird print top (it’s mauve/burgundy but you can’t tell in these pics)
4-cobalt sweater
5-olive button up
6-leopard print button up
7-blue stripe button down
8- print flutter sleeve top
9-bow sweater (not pictured, it was in the washing machine when I took pics)



10- camel dress slacks

11-black dress slacks
12-grey slacks
13-burgundy stretch skinny pants
14-blue skinny jeans
15- white straight leg jeans
16-black shorts
17- red shorts
18- black midi skirt
19- orange pencil skirt
20-grey pencil skirt

Jackets, etc (5)


21- red blazer
22- black blazer
23-grey blazer
24-stripe cardigan
25- utility vest

Shoes- (5)

26-wedge sandals
27-brown bow flats
28-black pumps
29-leopard pumps
30- black booties

I really didn’t like limiting myself to five pairs of shoes. I use shoes as an accessory and believe that just changing shoes can change the vibe of an outfit, but I’m trying to stay true to the challenge. It was difficult to have enough work clothes and clothes for the weekends. I feel like I need two different wardrobes but I am learning to buy pieces that can be worn for both work and play.

My rules:

Accessories don’t count in my thirty pieces- the more, the better! Accessories are what change things up and keep outfits from being boring.

I’m not banning myself from shopping. I’d hate to miss a good sale, and if I see the need to amp up some accessories to get through this, then they will be purchased.

If I need to wear a second outfit in a day, I may pull it from pieces not in my thirty. I’ll try to use the thirty, but I do have thirty outfits from the thirty pieces already.

I hope you will follow along with my challenge and see my daily outfits.  If you find this kind of thing boring and want to check out, I’ll understand. But I think you’ll find that I’ve chosen some interesting pieces and have a couple of wild cards in there. Most people play it too safe for a 30×30 challenge and choose too many neutrals or blacks. Not me, gotta have my colors.

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